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Police scheduled a closed meeting with parents Wednesday after a former Altoona daycare worker was charged with having child porn.
The Altoona police chief said the suspect, Thomas West, 26, passed background checks and there’s nothing the center could have done differently. The charges may make some parents hesitant to bring their kids to child care centers, especially ones with male employees. Josh Bowe is the owner and administrator of Monkey Business Early Educational Community in Chippewa Falls and Menomonie with around 200 children in its care. He said the state may take a closer look at screening methods, but that his business has always had thorough policies and is one of few in the area to be accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs.
With possible concerns and a lack of men in the business, Bowe said men can be held to higher standards and may be discouraged to go into the field, but can provide unique care for children. Bowe said all parents need to look into a daycare center’s screening methods and look for past violations from the state, before enrolling their children. All too often employee background checksare synonymous with pre-employment background checks.

Use a long tube socks, one for each “snake.” You can also use thick tights or stockings and cut them off about 18” from the toe. Fill each sock with four cups of rice or other similar pellets like pinto beans or split peas.
Close the end of the tube sock by hand or machine, sewing the opening with small, sturdy stitches or use a rubber band. Congratulations!  You’re making a difference!  Over 1000 messages, hundreds of phone calls and hundreds of names on petitions have all been sent to the Governor regarding the impending $86 million cut to child care.
Now that we have Frankfort’s attention, we need to move our message throughout the General Assembly and demand immediate action.  If keeping citizens working is a priority of our elected officials, then the General Assembly and Governor Beshear must find the resources to protect that priority! Kentucky’s extremely fragile childcare system, like all small business, depends on a precarious balance of profit and loss, economic conditions, and a competitive marketplace. These 2,400 small businesses employ 12,500 people who earn an average wage of a little over $19,000. The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family services warns that these cuts will result in more parents out of work because they cannot afford child care. Whether you plan to stay for the day or just come for an hour, your presence and your voice will make a difference.

Ever since we heard about the Shared Service concept we’ve been working on making it a reality for child care providers in Kentucky. May this quilt of thank you notes and testimonials provide as much warmth and comfort as you give our children each and every day. It also enables the parents of 65 percent of our children under the age of five to go to work every day.
That is a haunting question given the deep cuts to children’s supports on Tuesday, January 29. The National Center for Family Literacy, the wonderful locally based organization that brings you Wonderopolis, is now bringing a Free on-line summer camp to you and your kids.
If you haven’t signed up for Wonderopolis you are missing out on one of the most entertaining and educational experiences available.

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