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In this post we will be exploring our first KSA from the ASWB bachelor’s social work licensure exam. At 3 months, the child should be able to hold up their head for prolonged periods, as well as make vowel noises, and have the ability to turn their head from side to side, or follow an object. For the social work exam, you should know that at 5 months, you should see the child begin to enjoy vocal play, and begin to grasp for objects. Physically, between 1-4 months of age, the child should be gaining about 100 grams per week in weight (in case the social work exam has a question about it). All homes, preschools, and daycare programs should aim to address each of these domains when teaching a young child. These Heart Breaker Number Puzzles were a great way to reinforce one one-to-one correspondence and number recognition.
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At 1 year the child should be able to stand by holding on to supports, and should be able to stand unsupported for a brief period time. I will offer some additional physical developmental and motor development milestones that will be important to know.
If you wish to share any posts or photographs from this site on your blog or website, you may use one picture with a link to the original post. Because we are focused on physical growth, this post will mostly explore the various stages of child development. The next occurs at 6-8 weeks, and involves the child beginning to vocalize with various sounds. Walking should be more fully developed by 18 months of age, and the child should be able to walk alone, without supervision or support.
By their first birthday, the child should have grown to be about 1.5 times the length that they were at birth. I hope that you learned something from our first KSA post, and I assure you that there will be a lot more information coming your way in the future.

We will be exploring the various developmental milestones that are important to keep in mind.
Movement should be further enhanced by the age of 2 years, and the child should be able to run or walk up stairs. At 2 years, the child should be approximately 4 times the original birth weight, and should be about 33-37 inches long. Do you think that it would be more helpful to learn atypical physical development at the same time?
This simply means that the child is able to recognize their hand, and will follow it with their eyes. Please comment, I would love to see what I could do better, or hear from you if you are finding my posts helpful.

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