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Most of these families have been led to believe that a) accidents and bedwetting are a normal part of childhood and b) they need to wait it out.
It’s that simple, and it’s confirmed daily in my practice and well documented in the scientific literature. Ultimately, O’Regan’s Canadian research team tested several hundred children with enuresis, encopresis, and recurrent UTIs. Like O’Regan’s patients back in the eighties, mine stop wetting once their rectums are clear and shrink back to normal size. Many pediatricians won’t show the slightest concern about bedwetting until a child is at least 7 — and even then, many won’t take action. Like bedwetting, pee and poop accidents are not normal in toilet-trained children and are typically caused by holding stool. Think of it this way: Would you wait for your clogged shower drain to “outgrow” the giant hairball blocking the pipe? Reality: It’s the children who train earliest who typically end up, a couple years later, with the most severe problems. Research at my clinic, to be published this fall in Research and Reports in Urology, found that children who trained before age 2 had double the rates of daytime wetting problems compared to children who trained between 2 and 3 (60% compared to 31%). Reality: Most constipated kids poop daily or multiple times a day, and many have loose stools.
Many pediatricians fail to detect constipation because they follow the inadequate guidelines of the International Children’s Continence Society: They simply ask parents whether their children’s bowel movements are infrequent and if their stool consistency is hard.

Reality: No amount of prunes will dislodge a large, hard mass of poop clogging a child’s rectum. The link between constipation and urinary problems isn’t typically taught in medical schools, at least not in depth. I didn’t learn this stuff myself until well after I’d started practicing — and after I’d steered hundreds of patients wrong.
But in my pediatric urology clinic, they’re what I talk about all day long — with distressed parents and with kids who miss out on sleepovers and feel crummy that they can’t stay dry.
The hard, bulging poop mass presses against the bladder, compromising its capacity and irritating the nerves feeding it. Problem is, many doctors rely on inadequate methods of detecting constipation (they take a patient history and press on a child’s abdomen). The most rigorous studies ever conducted on childhood wetting were led by Sean O’Regan, a kidney specialist drawn to the topic because his 5-year-old son wet the bed every night. I would not give credence to any of these unless the subjects were first checked for constipation using X-rays or anal manometry. My opinion: If your child is 4 or older and wetting the bed, especially if the child shows signs listed on our chart, insist on an X-ray and aggressive treatment (discussed below). Myth: When children have trouble toilet training, it’s because their parents started the process too late.
Because these kids were constipated when potty training began and were therefore destined for failure. Well, a stretched-out rectum lacks the tone to evacuate fully, so many constipated kids poop often. Every day I see patients whose junked-out diets are exacerbating their problems or compromising recovery. In this post I explain why enemas work better than MiraLAX and how we know they are safe for children.

Steve Hodges is a pediatric urologist, an associate professor at Wake Forest University and the father of three girls.
Truly, most of what parents and even many pediatricians believe about toileting troubles is not based in fact.
Other doctors don’t know, or don’t believe, that constipation is by far the leading cause of bedwetting. A test called anal manometry showed his son’s rectum was so stretched by stool that the boy couldn’t detect a tangerine-sized air balloon inflated in his bottom. When their rectums were cleaned out with enemas, the wetting, soiling, and infections stopped. But children who never quite graduate to fully toilet trained are not late bloomers; they’re constipated. Based on my experience, I don’t think children under 3 should be in charge of their own toileting habits any more than they should be in charge of the family budget.
And some poop can ooze past a hard clog, so a constipated child may even appear to have diarrhea.
Only when you take aggressive measures — such as a high-dose MiraLAX cleanout or, better yet, a regimen of enemas — can a stretched rectum bounce back to normal size.
I believe our highly processed diet is a major contributing factor to our nation’s potty-problem epidemic. Sure, toddlers can be trained to use the toilet; that doesn’t mean they will respond to their bodies’ urges in a timely manner.

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