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July 24, 2013 by Mackenzie 3 Comments This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups. Potty training is usually accompanied by some of the funniest stories parents collect on their children.
Often times parents forget (until there is an accident) that they need to teach their child that they MUST STOP playing and tell an adult when they have to go potty.
Pull-Ups helps take the scare out of potty training by making it fun and easy with new Monsters U character training pants! I just wrote about one of my most recent potty training experience on my latest blog postings! Who out there is ready to potty train their little ones?  I KNOW WE ARE!!  Gradie has just turned two, and while it might take a bit to potty train her yet, we are definitely starting the process! Potty Power Academy is an online resource for both parents and kids to aid in the transition from diapers to potty. Potty Power Academy employs a “potty learning” approach rather than a “toilet training” approach. We are excited to give THREE readers 3 months access to Potty Power Academy and a toddler t-shirt. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements.
After potty training our two children, I have determined that there are two stages of potty training.

However when you recognize that your child is in this phase, you as the adult recognize that you need to stay on top of your child’s bathroom stops.
In the beginning of moving into Phase 2, they may disregard or put-off the urge to go when playing or having fun and have an occasional accident. Teach them to go as soon as they feel the urge so they let you know in enough time to find a bathroom (or tree)! All children have occasional accidents and causing them shame or embarrassment in front of others can actually reverse any progress. You can help make potty training easier by staying consistent and using rituals like the potty break. I'm a follower of Jesus, wife, mama of two toddler boys and a baby girl, teacher at heart, and coffee lover. What are you doing to potty train your toddler?  I encourage you to read on to lear about the Potty Power Academy, and enter to WIN 3 months of access, there will be THREE winners!! Potty Power Academy is a website developed by MazzMedia, a family owned educational publisher.
I always joke that you can never overpraise your child during potty training; and pride myself in all of the foolish ways I cheer them on!
Personally, our youngest (2.5) who is still potty training will have an accident in the night every once in awhile so we always put a pull-up on him at night. In my "free" time I love to cook and create.Cheerios and Lattes is place for us to share our "little blessings" with you and your family.

The “toilet training” attitude is an adult-centered, adult-directed process whereby the parent establishes timelines, sets expectations and makes choices. It is at the sole discretion of the admin of the giveaway if the winner has met the rules or not.
Being aware of these two stages and how to respond to your child in each, helped me relax during this sometimes stressful time. I also don’t stress about this, just know it will most likely take care of itself in time. The site provides an interactive and engaging learning experience for kids to learn the concepts and skills necessary to use the potty independently. Potty Power Academy has joined us in our Summer Product Guide and This N That with Olivia posted all of the details HERE.
You could even have a sticker chart for dry nights, just to let them know how proud of you are of them. If they have an accident just reassure them that it’s ok and they can try again the next night! As for constipation, I would add more fiber into their diet and or ask your pediatrician to recommend a fiber-packed vitamin to help them.

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