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Cloth diapers require a relatively small initial investment, and they can be used over and over again.
A quality disposable diaper will set you back 30 cents per piece and will last only 6-8 hours. Most of us adults do not like to wear travel undies made of paper and prefer to wear cloth undies even when we travel. Many parents who provide disposable diapers for their kids have them run around in dirty ones longer because of the costs involved in changing to a new diaper and because disposable diapers are getting more absorbent. Kids who wear cloth diapers are more inclined to be potty trained earlier as they can feel the dampness of the cloth diaper and gradually understand that they have peed. Compared to paper disposables, the soft materials of modern cloth diapers like organic bamboo and microfleece provide dry, cool and wearing comfort for our precious little ones. Contrary to what most people think, modern cloth diapers are made such that they are easy to wash and maintain! All said, disposable diapers or reusable cloth diapers is a choice every parent has to make for themselves. A man addicted to eating glass, or a woman to eating toilet paper… all sorts of weird addictions. Even your second and third child can re-use the diapers you purchased during your first pregnancy.

The downside of this is that even though it feels dry to the touch, bacteria and ammonia components linger on the baby’s skin for a prolonged period, thus increasing the risk of nappy rash. On the other hand, disposables which contain the super absorbent gel sodium polyacrylate absorb so well that children don’t feel any wetness at all, thus delaying their ability to understand this natural body process. Plus they do not contain toxic chemicals like dioxin and sodium polyacrylate in disposable diapers, which are extremely harmful to baby skin. A study in the United Kingdom done by the Environment Agency which is a government institute declares in their study that reusable diapers are 40% more environmentally friendly than reusable diapers. What is required is 3-4 more wash loads per week; the cloth diapers and inserts can be easily machine washed.
The truth is, cloth diapers come in a larger variety of colours and designs than any disposable diaper brand.
But be wise, think about the massive costs saving, the comforts for your child and the benefits we can contribute to secure a cleaner, greener and safer environment for our next generation! We even have someone who just can’t help himself from going to funerals, he even gave up his job to serve his unusual tastes. The costs of cloth diapers sits more in the maintenance part, they need to be cleaned every day, and this would mean a couple of extra runs per week on the washing machine, but other then that they are cost efficient. Do you think your baby will be more comfortable wearing paper disposable diapers or happier with cloth diapers?

And modern materials and fibers like the Raf Raf organic bamboo and cushy microfleece have become so much more comfortable and convenient that the kid will hardly notice his cloth diaper.
In fact, studies have shown that disposables contain toxic chemicals which could cause nappy rash. The study shows the burden the throw-away disposable diapers on the environment, because of the production and materials – plastics, artificial colors – used, and the extra waste disposed to the environment in the form of landfills, which leads to greenhouse gas emissions and climatic repercussions.
For more precise instructions on the 5 steps to wash your cloth diapers, see Wash and Care Instructions.
Whereas a set of quality cloth diapers will last many years and will cost less than $30.00 in their initial purchase. Besides, all-in-one cloth diapers are one size fits all and can be used for a newborn up to 2 years old (or 14kg).
Our customers are giving us their suggestions for colours and designs, thus we’ll be coming out with more and more designs, so keep a close watch.

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