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UPDATE 0915 GMT: Here is what, in today's power politics, is what the rhetoric of "liberal intervention" props up. DougHave you ever seen the video where Saddam (at a meeting) first announces that he is taking over and calls out a long list of names of those he said were "traitors" - never have I seen such fear on the faces of men. DougIt is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions - I believe thatIt is also said that God died in Auschwitz - I also believe that. The story tells how a gorgeous Jewish orphan girl (Esther) was chosen to be the queen of the Persian empire. The Lucky Star sing became attracted to the offshoot of Judaism in the 1990s, and it has been claimed it was a way for her to deal with her worldwide fame. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Thomas Ricks declares, alongside Friedman's piece in The New York Times, "Leaders in [the US and Iraq] may come to recognize that the best way to deter a return to civil war is to find a way to keep 30,000 to 50,000 United States service members in Iraq for many years to come."Seven years after the 2003 war and the violence and disorder that followed, Iraq has moved on to other political conflicts and issues. Yet, for some, this will always be a case of returning to the scene to construct victory or to build the excuse for absolution.

On the other hand, different tribes had wars against each other long before the Europeans arrived, and they were quite fond of torturing each other: many were not so "noble" and they left their garbage at campsites.
The Mayans in South America committed horrible and brutal torture of their enemies which they proudly wrote about in their stone carvings.
Emulating the exiled royalty of the Targaryen clan, the blonde beauty donned a leather buckled corset and lacy top as she wore her locks in tangles over her chest.Sporting brass bracelets on her wrists, the star completed her Game Of Thrones persona with twin dragon figurines on her shoulders. A culture that oppresses its own people has some part of its structure that is dysfunctional. Anyone even close to a solution to the cycles of violence and the rise and fall of civilizations into periodic dark ages? If progress is elusive, then it is because of the inherent flaws of these frustrating creatures called "Iraqis". So too on a country level, leaders can say that "abuse of the people" is a "family tradition" and mind your own business.
For all his chest-thumping of sincerity, Friedman's words pay little if any attention to the concerns or aspirations of those in Iraq.

When it comes to families, some social workers fail, and the UN has not been a good social worker. It is notable that the only source for today's thoughts is General Raymond Odierno, the US commander in the country, who Friedman quotes without any reflection.
This issue goes far beyond Thomas Friedman, who will continue to absolve himself at length and at regular intervals. Many commentators as well as public officials, sometimes with good intentions, advocated the invasion of Iraq for the liberation of its people. The reality is that the 100,000+ US troops, as well as numerous diplomats, advisors, and intelligence operatives, in the country are peripheral to the conflicts and negotiations. There has to be history's verdict, handed down in favour of the US.Because, in the end, "liberal intervention" means never having to say you're sorry.

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