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We sincerely believe that a good gymnastics class will instill a love for physical activity that will last a life time. Do not be alarmed if they take a little longer, especially at the intermediate and advanced levels. If you ever have a question concerning your child’s progress, or just want to see how he or she is doing, we simply pull out his or her sheet and show it to you.
Once a student passes all nine ribbon skills they are presented with a medal and have their picture taken which is placed on our bulletin board.

If your child has passed all the ribbon skills they will begin to work on the next level skills while at the same time continuing to improve on the current level skills. It means a student passed a ribbon skill or has achieved a skill that required a lot of hard work. Our curriculum serves to teach kids to encourage each other and enjoy the successes of others. We give an awesome price break for the same student signing up for a second gymnastics class.

It is our goal for the students to learn how to work toward a goal and feel great when it is accomplished. Encourage your child not to give up, they will learn it, and they will feel the satisfaction of achieving a difficult goal.

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