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Sindh Information Minister Sharmila Farooqui, referring to a recent report, said on Tuesday that 10 million children are currently engaged in child labour in Pakistan, out of which 300,000 are in Sindh. Addressing a seminar on ‘Activating Media in Combating Child Labour’ at Karachi University, Farooqui said “Child Labor is an international evil.
According to the report, 220 million children, aged five to 17, are subject to child labour all around the world, excluding those involved in domestic labour. The minister linked this issue mainly to the lack of proper awareness, poverty and low level of parental education. She said the media has a very important role to play in ensuring that correct information is disseminated and the government’s considerable efforts to eradicate of the scourge of child labor are duly communicated to the public. Farooqui also underlined the importance of the role of civil society and NGOs in the elimination of child labor and stressed that the government does not have the infra-structure to reach every section of the society and particularly the millions who work and live in remote areas. Childhood: Iqbal was born in 1983 in Muridke, a very small, rural village outside of Lahore in Pakistan. Escape and activism: At the age of 10, Iqbal escaped his slavery, after learning that bonded labor was declared illegal by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
Death: Iqbal was fatally shot in Muridke on April 12, 1995, shortly after returning from a trip to America. Legacy: Iqbal's cause inspired the creation of organizations such as Free The Children, a Canada-based charity and youth movement, and the Iqbal Masih Shaheed Children Foundation, which has started over 20 schools in Pakistan. In 1994, Iqbal visited Broad Meadows Middle School in Quincy, Massachusetts, and spoke to 7th graders about his life.

Iqbal's story was told in a book entitled Iqbal by Francesco D'Adamo, a fictional story based on true events, from the point of view of a girl named Fatima. Morales, a leftist, is a former subsistence farmer and trade union activist.Bolivians often work from an early age out of necessity. But he was caught by police and brought back to Arshad and told him to tie him upside down if he tried to escape again.
In January 2009, the United States Congress established the annual Iqbal Masih Award for the Elimination of Child Labor. When the students learned of his death, they decided to raise money and build a school in his honor in Pakistan. Child labor is a bane which deprives them of the realisation of their full potential for growth into useful and productive members of the society,” she observed. 16 April 1995) was a Pakistani child who became a symbol of abusive child labor in the developing world. Iqbal's family borrowed 600 rupees ($16) from a local employer who owned a carpet weaving business, and in return, Iqbal was required to work as a carpet weaver until the debt was paid off.
Some say that he was shot by a startled farmer, and some say that he was murdered because of his influence over the issue of bonded labor. Every day, he would rise before dawn and make his way along dark country roads to the factory, where he and most of the other children were tightly bound with chains to prevent escape.
Iqbal escaped a second time and later joined the Bonded Labour Liberation Front (BLLF) of Pakistan to help stop child labor around the world.

Iqbal helped over 3,000 Pakistani children that were in bonded labor escape to freedom, and he made speeches about child labour throughout the world. The amendments also make it clear that children between 14 and 18 years will also not be allowed to work in hazardous industries.The changes in the labour law also provide for stricter punishment for employers for violation. While there is no penalty provision for parents for the first offence, the employer would be liable for punishment even for the first violation.In case of parents, the repeat offenders may be penalised with a monetary fine up to Rs 10,000. In case of first offence, the penalty for employers has been increased up to two and half times from the existing up to Rs 20 thousand to up to Rs 50,000 now. In case of a second or subsequent offence of employing any child or adolescent in contravention of the law, the minimum imprisonment would be one year which may extend to three years.Earlier, the penalty for second or subsequent offence of employing any child in contravention of the law was imprisonment for a minimum term of six months which may extend to two years. After the Cabinet nod, the government will move official amendments to the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2012 in Parliament.While child rights activists were opposed to the dilution saying it will promote child labour, those involved in business maintained that children need to be trained in traditional arts at an early stage or they will not be able to acquire the required skills like weaving and stitching. The age of prohibition of employment has been linked to age under Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009.Exceptions have, however, been made in case of works in which the child helps the family or family enterprises. Another condition set forth is that they should work after school hours or during vacations.Moreover, exemption has also been given where the child works as an artist in an audio-visual entertainment industry, including advertisement, films, television serials or any such other entertainment or sports activities except the circus.

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