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You are about to catch the flight for that weekend get away with your family and it’s a last minute rush to board the plane. The basic concept that works on is that a parent can use to locate or keep a track of the child in a crowded location. Not just that, with this one can keep a track of their child and also set a safe radius of distance as and when the child goes out this comfort zone, the same is indicated on the parent’s along with direction.
This rather can be realised as an application on mobile phone or any other device, such as a watch (it's technolgically easy to add more functions to existing device). Good morning Uzi, could you please let me know where you are in the world please, I'm in the UK and have been looking into developing a similar project. Nu.M8 has been launched by UK location services company, Lok8u, and its new GPS child locator has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.
As long as your child remains in this area no alerts will be sent and you can still communicate with the device using the “wru” function.
Nu.M8 will be available from a selected range of major high street retailers in the UK in March 2009 and available in USA in late spring. A social network for parents and educators to share ideas, get perspectives, and ask questions.
Working families share their everyday challenges to succeed professionally and personally on the Family Room Blog. Use this search tool to find our centers, preschools, and schools along your most traveled route. Get informative and expert childhood development tips, research, and fun home activities from Bright Horizons. I am in the market for a quiet long time and has used many buy-sell signals software, but they were never up to the mark.

A portable 900 Mhz transmitter and receiver set that helps parents locate their a person quickly.
A button on the parent unit activates a beep on the child unit that increases in intensity over time.
Under the right conditions, the range is approximately that of a football field, but it varies according to location and obstruction. Item Model Number: CT1000This item has been discontinued, and inventory will not be replenished. This system includes one watch and one locator unit, but you can add three additional watches to track a total of four children at once (additional watches sold separately). You already have the boarding pass and just as you hear the last minute announcements, suddenly you observe that your child is missing! Thus this gadget is very helpful for all those parents who would like to keep an eye on their kids at all the time. Hug : Thermometer Bracelet for Baby Being a parent means that we are responsible for baby’s well being. To locate your child, simply text “wru” from your mobile phone to Nu.M8 or click “where r you” on the Lok8u secure portal.
Manufacturers recommended retail price in the UK is UKP149.99 (US retail price to be confirmed), plus a monthly subscription charge which varies according to the chosen tariff. Simply clip on the locator using the attached belt clip, and you can track your child using a digital signal, up to 150ft away. Hug is a small bracelet specially designed to allow you tracking of your baby’s condition 24 hours a day, in real […]Volvo Inflatable Child Seat Concept For Better Child Protection Volvo always finds a revolutionary way to ensure the safety of your children while they travel by car.
When Nu.M8 is securely fastened to a child’s wrist it cannot be removed without sending an alert to the parent’s phone.

This might seem to be a scene taken out of any popular movie flick, but could as well be a scenario in real life too. As it’s also discretely hidden inside a watch, it’s more likely that if something goes wrong, the parent locates their child, not the technology. With three different boundary settings, you can specify the distance your child can go before the alarm sounds. There are many incidents across airports, amusement parks or shopping malls wherein the Public address system is used to locate the dear ones. From the name itself, you might know it was inspired by armors and skeletons […]Ttone Interaction Toothbrush Plays Music as Your Children Brushing Their Teeth Teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth would be so much fun with Ttone Interaction Toothbrush. When the alarm is activated, you will be alerted and the child's watch will also make a high-pitched noise.
The locator will blink faster when you are close to your child, and slower when you are further away.
Even if your child is not out of range, you can simply press the find button to quickly locate your child using the LED lights. Your child can also alert the locator unit by pressing a large button on the watch, which will let you know that your child is looking for you.

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