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This is an example of the same chair with the removable insert installed that is included with the chair!! Please visit the shipping zones page and determine your zone before making selections in the dropdown menu for price including S&H selection menu!!! Optional Seat Insert-$3.00This insert is a removable thin square sheet of wood that sits on the seat deck and has a smaller 5" diameter hole to fit those smaller tushes!!
For pictures of all the different types of wood click here or visit our related links page.
In our woodshop we create heirloom quality pieces, using only the finest hardwood lumber and hardware available to us. Many of our woodworking projects require hardware ( hinges, knobs, pulls, drawer slides, etc.). Stay tuned for The BIG Day, where I’ll tell you exactly how we succeeded in potty training. About JelliJelli is a blogging veteran and avid baker who’s been selling sweets to feed her chocolate addiction for 5+ years.
That happened to us the first time we tried it, and occasionally even at our successful attempt at 18 months. I’m a grandma, so potty training is over for me (although I still have grandchildren in diapers), but your photo at the top caught my attention.

We also are aware that some of these children are a bit older and larger than the 2-3 year old potty training child. When the polka dotted apron’s hanging up, she’s a full-time mama to two (plus one on the way!) tiny kidlets enjoying the crazy days of motherhood and pumping out brownie recipes from her thrice-dropped-barely-hanging-on laptop in sunny Costa Rica. I think the key is finding something entertaining enough to keep them on the potty until they successfully eliminate.
Found that photo on Flickr (used with attribution, of course) and just knew it had to be my cover image. A few times we’ve left them off and then wound up washing the mattress pad and sheets, and since we only have 1 mattress pad and 2 crib sheets, we were praying for sunshine to line dry them FAST! I snagged the best guy around, birthed three tiny kidlets, scribble down too many dessert recipes, love Jesus, and grow veggies in my front yard. From the smallest to the largest item everything is handcrafted on an individual basis, nothing is mass produced.
Contact Us if you wish to pay using personal check or money order for information on this procedure!! Quite frankly, I think many moms, meaning to be helpful, warn you about the worst case scenarios, oftentimes just forgetting how quickly this stage passes.
The seat is a little higher and wider and the tray is bigger!Click Here for chair dimensions.

With this in mind, please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for delivery on most of our smaller items and a minimum of 8-12 weeks on the larger items such as desks and entertainment centers.
When you request a quote or purchase an item via the shopping cart we will contact you with your hardware options for that item.
Please, if you have any problem with our products or need more information, contact us and we will do our best to help you!!!! In our case, it sometimes even meant taking the laptop with YouTube videos loaded into the bathroom to keep my daughter distracted while sitting on the potty.
If these options are not acceptable for you we will work with you to get exactly what you want!! If you would like a custom paint color visit a Lowe's or Home Depot, pick your color name & number and include that information as a note with your paypal payment.

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