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Mentally handicapped children are also behaviorally handicapped in most cases and they need to be dealt with in a very different way.
It is possible to educate exceptional children to speak and develop language skills however the approach is much different compared to a normal child.
They can be quite intelligent and greater absorption of details and facts however due to the lack of development of cognitive or language skills they may seem lacking in some areas. Exceptional children have top be sent to exceptional schools where the get better attention and also specially trained teachers to teach them.
By the time a child is four they start speaking in full sentences and even the grammatical mistakes are very few.

Children who are mentally handicapped show delayed development in language skills and they do not understand everyone. Children here are taught to handle their daily tasks, and also to deal with basic communication. The primary caregiver can speak to them by continuously reinforcing the same levels of speech.
It takes several years to form the fundamental concepts for these children and is a much long drawn process. Children who are exceptional also need constant speech therapy and today there are many qualified speech therapists that produce amazing results.

Exceptional children benefit to a great extent through speech therapy lessons because it helps them to develop in several other aspects.
Speech therapy also helps cognitive development in exceptional children as they are trying to connect the words to memory.

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