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On the 2nd of August, Medha Prem and Akanksha Srivastav of classes X and XI respectively participated in a Hindi Debate held at Birla Vidya Niketan. Akanksha Srivastava and Sangini Punia participated in the English Book discussion held at the Springdales School on the 3rd of August.
Mahi Titus and Soumya Srijan Dasgupta of class VIII participated in the Shri Ram School Debate on the 3rd of August. The Interhouse Social Science Quiz for classes XI & XII was held on Wednesday the 4th of August. Daksh Bhardwaj and Ishan Lamba took part in a painting competition and Vanshika Wadhwa and Kanika Vohra took part in a calligraphy competition on Hiroshima Day i.e.
Laissez Faire, an Inter-School Economics and Business Studies exposition was held in school on 10th August 2004. All in all the event was a roaring success, and was an exciting and enriching experience for all of us. Do you, as a responsible human being, agree with this heart-breaking idea that man rules the world and can do what he likes with it? I, the student who is writing this now, am one who believes that all beings have life, and a right to live. If someone was to ask me why I love my mama and to give him or her reasons, I would not have a specific answer.
The First Aid workshop was held on the 10th and 11th of August, 2004 for several selected students of classes 9 and 11. Pulmonary Resuscitation, Heart Massaging, Mouth-to-mouth respiration as well as bandaging cuts or amputated organs. This was not only an educational experience but also a splendid way of interacting with the instructors. Also, every episode ends with Bad Bahu making a solemn oath to get her revenge, before the scene freezes, and the ever familiar ending music pipes up (DAAAANNGGG). The Senior Boys Football Team played a friendly against Ryan International School on Saturday the 7th of August which we won with a score of 5-1. The Basketball Team played two matches on Saturday against AirForce Golden Jubillee and Ryan International School winning both. Rainwater harvesting is basically the process of deliberate collection of rainwater through manmade structures.

The epic Ram-Charit Manas by Tulsidas (AD1532-1623) is simply unparalleled both as a reflection of a human beings devotion to Lord as also in his absolute grip over the technique in poetry. Here two students from each team competed to earn maximum profit on a mock stock exchange by buying and selling shares of fictitious companies. The trees provide air to breathe, food to eat, fuel to burn so you can keep warm, fertilizer to grow your food, wood to build a house.
Does he not remember he shares it with some beautiful creatures like the whale, the rabbit, and tiger? Or are you one who believes that every living thing, from the smallest beetle to the largest baobab tree, has the right to live freely?
The tree, architect of air, food and shelter, the bird, a winged wonder, the beetle, small but strong, they all have life, glorious life!
We know that a majority of the nation’s housewives (maybe even some strange men) watch these soap operas, so we shall refrain from taking any further action against these mind-numbingly foolish wastes of TV time. O Lame Saint!," an anagram for Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous masterpiece found brutally written on the dead body of the curator of the Louvre museum. It is a great follow up to its prequel Angels and Demons, which also features Robert Langdon as the protagonist.
The rainwater that is collected can be stored in tanks or containers or can be channeled into the groundwater.
13 very entertaining and convincing advertisements followed, and the event was won by Springdales followed by Sri Ram School.
Mr Baru spoke about the evolution of the concept of National Income, as well as growth rates. Yet he uses the whale for cosmetics which he tests on the rabbit, and ruthlessly kills the tiger for its skin.
Robert Langdon, a well known symbologist has been summoned to solve the cryptic clues on the curator’s body which threaten the very foundations of the Church. Trees and plants act as check dams, breaking the flow of water, holding the soil together and increasing water retention. When the child was born, mother Kausalya saw the vision of Lord appear in all the divine glory that Tulsi describes in second verse. But instead of helping the investigation, he becomes a victim of it and has to flee from the authorities aided by a French cryptologist, Sophie Neveu.

This increases the percolation of rainwater into the ground, thereby recharging the groundwater level. But she would rather have the Lord as her baby and therefore she prays to Him with both hands folded. And if it gets too boring, the producers kill a few people and bring them back from the dead. In this corner, Good Bahu, always the perfect little housewife, is trying to save her impossibly large joint family from Bad Bahu (who is always wearing excessive amounts of dark eye-makeup, of course).
This was nature doing her bit, but given the present grim scenario especially in Delhi, we too need to contribute.
O Lord, Vedas say that you are beyond maya, attributes and knowledge and that the whole universe in all its manifestations resides in your body.
Eco-Bazaar was a series of 12 stalls, each asking 6 Economics and Business related questions and involving a game.
A lovely, lively forest of bloom, birdsong, little creatures like the squirrel, gone because of the stupidity of man. Teams were awarded Rs.1000 for each point they earned for answering a correct answer or successfully completing a game. After that, the only thing to remind them of the horrible crime that they have committed is their conscience.
Please O Lord, give up this appearance and become a newborn child, because that is what will give me infinite joy. And then the Lord, the King of the divine kingdom, smiled, became a baby and started to cry in the lap of mother. India has a rich heritage and there is a lot to learn about the people, festivals, places and cuisine. Tall, blonde and beautiful is alright to a certain extent; but if you get too much of it, you tend to gag.

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