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J'avais jete mon devolu sur le modele corail pendant les soldes mais mon chemin les a de nouveau croisees, a un prix tout mini, et en bleu cette fois. Imaginez : Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Yasmine le Bon, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen reunies dans un meme clip. As an activist writer of his time, he was among the pioneers to lend the fuel of social purpose to the soaring flights of fiction.

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His work spans the wealth of his Urdu and Hindi writings – short stories, novels, editorials and social commentaries.
Child Psychology today has turned a paying profession worldwide – just about everyone from academicians & practitioners to spiritual gurus and celebrities come armed with heavy pearls of wisdom on the subject. The more cosmetic the ‘how to” sermons, the more jaded they appear – ultimately reduced to child-like attempts to read the child’s mind.In striking contrast, Premchand lends a perceptive window to the world of children - complete with its ambition, hope, despair, anxiety, half-baked beliefs and unveiled dark secrets.

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