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Easter is solely a time of painting pastel-colored eggs, searching for treasures on an Easter egg hunt, and digging through an Easter basket for chocolate bunnies in today's children Life.While these festivities are an enjoyable way for the family to participate in something traditional, they can easily trivialize the Christian meaning of Easter. Among all the biblical admonitions for parents to teach their children the Word of God, not once is there a disclaimer or warning of any kind. One of the most important responsibilities Christian parents have is to teach their children about Jesus Christ. Anne Juliana Gonzaga became a Servant of Mary following the death of her husband, Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria in 1595, after receiving a vision of the Madonna, to whom her parents had prayed to cure her of a childhood illness?
Search by ResourceYou can search our site by the particular resource that you need for your class. Our Friend of God crowns are a great crafts to follow up bible lessons on Abraham, who was called the friend of God.
All Done!Children can wear their crowns home and share the story of Abraham.We have more resources for teaching about Abraham here.
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Though they may not fully understand some of the more difficult spiritual concepts, children can grasp the essence of almost every truth. Yet countless children grow up knowing Christ only through what they learn from second-hand sources.
When you make claims about the Scriptures and God’s righteousness, your children will watch to see how you live out those lessons.
In fact, they are better equipped now to assimilate spiritual truth than they will be when they are older. The sketchy images these encounters with God imprint on their minds can range anywhere from a drill sergeant to . Christ-like parents are the best witnesses a child can have.By treating others and your children the way Christ would treat them, your love and respect for Jesus will be an obvious and understood priority. If your child can share everything about himself or herself with God without being ashamed or afraid, you will have gone a long way toward building an essential component in his or her relationship with the Lord–trust. By making Jesus the boss of your home, you can show your children how God can love them and demand their utmost at the same time. When the Gospel is glossed over by lighthearted scenarios that don’t mirror real life, children can be led into thinking Christianity amounts only to an untainted notion of perfectionism.
However, children who learn a gospel in which poignancy is substituted with germinal customs get shortchanged.

The story never changes, but, in a modern context, the way we tell it does.You can provide that context for your children by simply talking about Jesus on a regular basis, by living the principles of your faith, and by praying with your children.
By reading through the Scriptures, you can address personally any questions your children may have about biblical events and monitor their spiritual growth. By talking to your children about Jesus, living the principles of the Christian faith, and praying with your children, you can prepare them to hear and understand the most profound truth they will ever encounter.
Taking every opportunity to teach them object lessons about Jesus can provide your children with a framework in which to understand the story of His miraculous life and death. Teaching your children to pray is arguably one of the best ways to teach them about Christ.
While this can be meaningful, children can develop a more personal relationship with God by praying from their hearts instead of the written page.

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