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Genie is the pseudonym for a feral child who spent nearly all of the first thirteen years of her life locked inside a bedroom strapped to a potty chair.
These documentaries hopefully will help people better understand what human nature is, how much the environment and our culture influence how we think, what we like, and what we do, and what role our genes actually play in our lives. Indications are that Genie’s father beat her with a large stick if she vocalized, and he barked and growled at her like a dog in order to keep her quiet. I personally can vouch for this as I was put on zoloft for depression when I was in high school as I was told that antidepressants "have been shown to help" people with depression and I saw no other way out of my depression at that time. You can send me a message through the contact page and I'll either give you an email you can use to send your documents or pictures to, or if you want you can just type your thoughts directly into the message on the contact page and I will just copy and paste that here.
He also rarely allowed his wife and son to leave the house or even to speak, and he expressly forbade them to speak to Genie.
I can not say that for sure my suicide attempt was because I took zoloft but I can for a fact say that it didn't help me with my depression nor did it help prevent me from having suicidal thoughts.

Just the fact that I was far more depressed and had so many more suicidal thoughts (in fact I could not stop thinking about killing myself at that point) after taking zoloft then before taking zoloft highly suggest that zoloft actually made my depression worse.
I decided to put these thoughts under the phycology page as I feel they can show us what our current level of thinking or collective mindset is. I stopped taking zoloft two months after I was released from a mental hospital and within about two months after that I no longer felt depressed.
I feel that many people are thinking the same why or very similar to the way I am thinking, and I believe there is a reason for that.
It wasn't until after I stopped taking the antidepressant medication that I started to really enjoy life again. There are so many people that have actually become addicted to these drugs and have a much harder time getting off of these drugs then I did. These drugs cause so many harmful side effects and have not been shown whatsoever to help with what they are being prescribed for, in fact in a lot of cases, like in my case, the drugs actually cause what the drug is said to prevent.

I strongly suggest watching the documentary for yourself, and if you know someone on psychiatric drugs or if you're on these drugs yourself, slowly reduce your dosage until you can safely come off of these harmful drugs. If you are depressed or are having some problems don't take these drugs, instead take a vacation, or work on solving what is making you so depressed, shy, compulsive, etc. Try improving your diet as a lot of these so called disorders and diseases are actually usually linked to problems like iron deficiencies, or a poor thyroid (which can be helped with proper diet), or not getting enough vitamin D (which is best taken in from the sun but can also be taken in supplements or through diet).

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