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We spread wire around the zones which are considered safe, or near the entrances to unsafe area. This solution has multiple disadvantages: it requires physical installation, which means sweat for the dad. This solution is like an advanced version of the thermal (and other infrared based techniques) but in addition we could go through some obstacles and thus the need for sensors would be smaller. In theory this is a rather good solution as one camera can build a relative good overview of the area. Now that we have chosen the best tracking technology for this task, it is time to define the rest of the playground. We also need some co-operation with the hardware provider to get the specifications of the system - they don't seem to be completely public at the moment.
Once we are capable of communicating with the receiver we code a program which stores the position data in a database. So, now our software is ready and we can think if there was any sense in this at all: In my opinion there was not - it is just so easy to think about the possibilities enabled by the technologies and forget that we are human beings. The oddities presented here (that are not copyrighted or patented by someone else, ofcourse) are released under the GNU Free Documentation License. Let's discuss them, try to choose the best solution and discuss the chosen solution in more detail.

The place could be considered rather safe for children, but there are some details which may pose a risk, such as: the nearby lake, the well, the swing, a larger rock, some bushes with non eatable berries.
So for example, if the kid is approaching the lake, if he is spending too much time around those dangerous berries or is playing with the well - we need to know in time.
We place sensors around the area, and detect the kid based on the emitted thermal energy [link: How thermal ir imagers work]. Either we plant a high pole on the ground or use similar technique as used with weather balloons to make the camera float above the area (tied to a rope). See, we need to have access also to data from 1, 5, 10 and 30 minutes ago to compute the activity profile of the child being monitored. Place the threats where they are located: the stones, the lake and other hazards - we also need to map the topology of the environment. It is not bullet proof, it is not capable of deciding whether it was the kid or something else metallic such as an UFO flying by, it is also hard to utilize this technology to act based on activity. Also, the amount of heat emitted by the child varies depending on the amount and type of cloths weared by the kid.
It's a watch and a GPS receiver packed in a normal wrist watch, shock and water resistant and operates with standard watch battery. It also doesn't harm to store data from previous days - this can be used as a seed for fuzzy logic when analysing potential behavious profiles.

We need to write software which takes the current and previous positions of the child and analyzes whether the current actions and location of the child are acceptable.
It could be possible to create a thermal profile for each individual, but if we take the amount of variations into account, it is hard to imagine it working.
This data is collected by the server, which has a map of the area and defined hotspots (areas that cause some action to be taken).
If not we need to trigger an alert based on the severity of the current actions: if the action does not pose immediate danger to life, such as the kid has been eating too many apples ( we have plenty ), we can just send an SMS short message to the parents phone. What we need to do is to find the counter measures to reduce the risk posed by these threats.
If, instead the hazard is extremely dangerous we can send a little electrical shock to the kid.

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