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New kids bikes are getting better all the time, and many smaller motocross bikes, are almost miniature works of art.
We stock a wide range of kids and childrens bikes, including Giant, Raleigh and Diamondback. The Raleigh Me To You comes with the must have accessory,a genuine Tatty Teddy, made with love and affection. Tatty, your new best friend, can go with you on your bike ridesin their very own teddy seat. Postage was an extra A?49 but this model contained triple clamp forks and a quality heavy duty suspension.

Of course your kid still cant go on the road until they are the required legal age for the bike, but certainly this is a model you can share with your child. But in many cases a kid under six will be using battery powered toy rides for children, and then progress onto petrol driven pit bikes later on.
CDI ignition, drums on the front and hydraulic brakes on the back plus a tank capacity of 4 litres should keep your kids busy for most of the afternoon.
UK stores and those across America are now meeting demand, with the resurgence of the MX sport. Remember of course some bikes advertised as a€?toysa€? (and even look like toys), do pack quite a punch in the power stakes, so a helmet & body protection for your kids is an absolute must-have!

A used kids dirtbike is great value for money, but be careful of any damage or abuse, that may cost you MORE money when you have bought the bike.
The 4-Stroke Engine is complimented by Alloy Triple Clamps, Extended Rear Swing Arm and SDG Hubs. You can even add more bits to it such as a high performance exhaust system for the child that demands more.

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