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Please note that Children's Book Illustration watermarks do not appear on the actual artworks.
More and more, literature is being consumed on electronic devices like the Kindle, iPhones, and the soon-to-be-released iPad.
Fidelity to original print version: PicPocket Books places a priority on fidelity to the original picture book. Interactivity: PicPocket Books has added some interactive audio hot spots to selected PicPocket Book titles like Oh, Crumps, Peterkin Meets a Star, Monster Trucks, Tractors, Rescue Vehicles, and Round Is A Mooncake. Animations: The animations in PicPocket Books are subtle, like snow falling or stars twinkling. Reading a story book on a screen is a very different experience from playing a repetitive video game on the same screen.
The technologies that are new to us are very intuitive to kids and will unquestioningly be a signi?cant part of their lives for years to come. This will help them to develop a strong vocabulary as well as promote a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

We love the feel, the smell, the sound of the gentle crack of the binding as we open a new book for the first time. How do we, as readers, authors and publishers preserve a love for reading and literature, and encourage more reading, engagement, and exposure to books in the face of these developments? I think we are a long way off from digital books actually replacing print books, but I do believe that digital books will become more and more visible and popular as the tech savvy generations accept them as obvious options at home, in schools, libraries, in businesses and on the go.
Because of the crucial marriage of text and illustrations in children’s books, the artistic rendering of a book in mobile format is particularly important. The intent is to encourage curiosity by adding elements of interactive discovery to some books.
It has the same educational, mind-opening bene?ts as reading a traditional print book: it increases vocabulary, improves concentration and focus, and expands horizons. We stock more than 10,000 scarce, collectible and out-of-print books, for readers, teachers and collectors. Better World Books offers new and gently used children's books at lower prices so parents can have a large collection on hand.

Printed books have been treasured and cherished for hundreds of years, and they work just fine. I believe it is important to make quality literature available on electronic devices because the fact is that they will find their way into kids’ hands. We are consciously NOT creating video games, but hope that PicPocket Books can offer a gentle alternative to games for parents who want to offer their children mobile digital books.
Reading helps children become engaged, rather than passive learners because books demand that kids to use their imagination to paint living mental pictures, rather than having images passively communicated to them through the picture on a television screen. We offer a large selection of children's books from bedtime stories to Dr Suess to Breaking Dawn.

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