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A first edition copy of Strength to Love with a rubber-stamped greeting in King’s handwriting can be purchased for just $250.00(USD) while a first edition copy of Where Do We Go From Here?
Isn’t it great how book not only allow you to learn about history but also enable you to own a piece of that history?
We made a $5 donation while were were there, so I figured I’d go ahead and send you $5 as well (for being so cool). After being invited by Patricia Junker (the target of my letter) to attend her lecture, “Tables for Ladies: Edward Hopper and the Modern Woman,” I figured how could I not? Afterwards, as I was getting the catalog signed, I said, “Some nice lady sent me this.” Patricia immediately said, “You’re the man who sent the letter!” She seemed genuinely excited.

Oh, by the way, she’d found our letters on Sting in the Tail’s site while googling her own event.
A local supermarket chain refused to hire black teens as bag boys and I was one of the teenagers who was not allowed to work. It was a bit surreal to be attending an event all because someone decided to respond to my little missive. Though you do have to admit the Hoppers would look great in my girlfriend’s living room.
He transformed our society from one permeated with racism to one in which most people regardless of their race or culture can participate.

Ebsworth, who I figured worked for the FBI, but am told is a trustee and the man who donated the Hopper painting “Chop Suey” (the painting on the cover of the catalog). Patricia also informed me, “You’re famous at the Seattle Art Museum,” which I think is pretty cool as I am guessing the competition is pretty stiff!

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