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In this new monthly feature, we will spotlight new ventures and publishers that are doing awesome things – awesome, defined as something smart, admirable, and most importantly, progressive. Since we have both worked in children’s publishing, we had a shortlist of previously published authors we wanted to work with.
There are no specific themes that we look for, though anything didactic is a clear no-no and anything with mythology in it has to be really, really good (we have published one mythological fantasy!).
The Book Smugglers: Here at The Book Smugglers, we want to spotlight authors that are doing progressive, interesting, important things. Anushka Ravishankar has written more than twenty-five books for children, many of which have been published internationally and several of which have won international awards. Sayoni Basu has worked in publishing for over thirteen years, including at Oxford University Press and Penguin India. 1 : a book review blog specializing in speculative fiction and popgeekery for all ages since 2008. The Book Smugglers purchase books for review on this site, but also receive free review copies from authors, publishers, and other third parties. When we have happy happy poo we feel fine and therea€™s nothing to say, and if things arena€™t working right, well, we like to keep the lid on that! Abigail and Beatrix have been adopted by the Malefics, a famous inventor family, after a short stay in the Skipping Girl Home for Wayward and Homeless Girls in Melbourne.
In an overgrown backyard with bushes wild and free, live some magical blue creatures not like you and me. Learn about cochlear implants through this playful, rhyming story of Liam and his real-life super power!
A fun look at words that sound the same but have different meaning, this short book encourages the reader or listener to think about the naming of things and actions. Twelve-year-old Tamara Dawes is a psychic investigator for the New York City Police Department.
Join them, as Ahmed tells Faatimah a special story about when Muhammed (SAW) was born, and explains to her how important Muhammed is to Muslims. The story explores family relationships through a childa€™s imagination, revealing that everybody looks funny to somebody. It took an adventure on the Sunshine Coast, for A the ant to realise, being small and all can be cool.
The Della Morte family, steampunk inventors, set out on a journey from England to Melbourne in the Antipodes in 1888 in their flailing ship Invention. John Daniel leaves the jungle to live with a friend but one day his good behviour comes to an end.
Follow Zach's action packed adventures and leam a thing or two about coral reefs and scuba diving along the way. Unique among picture books, A Country Far Away avoids didacticism while joyfully celebrating the kinship of human cultures and children everywhere. Deep in the Australian outback, in a town called Birdsville, Onslo the blue Volkswagen Beetle dreams of adventures in the beautiful Simpson Desert. A charming story about Mary Bea dealing with feelings of anger and frustration as she battles with her mother to eat exactly what she likesa€¦ in this case, hot, steamy chippies from the drive through on the way home from school!
The series seeks to equip children with fundamental life-skills and concepts to hold them in good stead as they navigate the wondrous and complicated journey of a€?growing upa€™. Lzzie McWitchy lives in the bush, surrounding herself with animals and creatures who have come to trust and love her.

A mouth-watering feast of stories cooked up by the highly acclaimed author, Nigel Gray, and sumptuously decorated by the celebrated artist, Cedric Baxter.
The amazing Mini Grey delighted a room full of children at The Book Nook in Hove this Saturday.
She also showed the children some fantastic zig-zag books she’d made where creatures and adventures can literally jump off of the page. Mini finished up by talking about Traction Man and reading the cautionary tale of Jim, Who Ran Away from his Nurse,  and Was Eaten by a Lion. There are plenty of new publishers that working to increase literacy, to raise money for charities across the globe, and redefining our concept reading and of the book itself. Duckbill is a new, independent Indian publisher that produces books and digital products for children and young adults. So we have mythological heroes, literary zombies, space-travelling pumpkins, singing monsters and timetelling superdogs. All we have published so far has been fiction, and while we see ourselves publishing non-fiction, I suspect it will always be a smaller part of the list.
We had talked about setting up our own publishing company for many years, but it was an idle dream. We both like children’s books, and we have both felt that there was not enough being published in India that was truly contemporary and fun, and reflected the realities that Indian kids live in. We go out and look for new authors–through the workshops we conduct, through random things we read, and from our unsolicited manuscripts! And we were gratified that all of them promptly agreed to write for us–though some books will be a good five years in the making! Our primary market is the home market (though of course we want to sell rights) so we look for books which will work in that market first and foremost.
We do ebooks of all our books (where we have rights!) and publish pretty much simultaneously. We find ourselves not just interesting, but positively fascinating, and we are pretty self-important.
She has worked in publishing, at Tara Books and most recently at Scholastic India as the publishing director. She was in charge of the children’s list at Puffin India, before she joined Scholastic India as publishing director, a position she held for several years.
Zarah sets out to be reunited with them, but when she gets to the Malefic Mansion she is disturbed to find that her sisters are nowhere to be seen. This delightful story will encourage children to use their imagination and dream about what their future holds. Today was Ahmed's first day of school and he has learnt some very important things about Prophet Muhammed.
He usually tries to stay out of the way until all the crowds have left, but this year he is lured out of his hiding place by some lovely juicy ants. Find out what happens to Phoebe when her adventures lead her face to face with the Prime Minister of Australia! But, unlike the big four-wheel-drives who pass through Birdsville, he is too small to conquer the big sand dunes.
His journeys culminate in a visit to the moon, an adventure he looked forward to telling all his friends about when he arrived home. Some men from the city want to destroy the bush to build houses, so the animals enlist Lizzie's help to save their homes.

We are thrilled to have founders Anushka Ravishankar and Sayoni Basu over for an interview to talk about Duckbill, their mission, and what makes them so progressive, interesting, and cool.
But early in 2012, we found we were both tired of what we were doing, and it suddenly seemed like an idea we could bring to fruition. While we were both working in publishing, we were sufficiently senior to be suits rather than hands-on editors, and we wanted to become hands-on editors again. We are publishing books by authors in other countries, specially for our Not Our War series, which is about children in conflict zones. We are also just starting work on a standalone digital book, which may or may not have a paper version. As an editor, she has worked with well-known authors like Paro Anand, Manjula Padmanabhan and Meera Uberoi, among others. By night, she watches an abundance of horror movies, stays up too late, and voraciously devours ALL THE SFF.
And what do these happenings have to do with the Maleficsa€™ latest invention, The Library of Wonder?
Little did he know that his life would change dramatically and that he would take an amazing journey across the country to a new life in the city. When shea€™s called on to help with the strange case of a boy who leaps off a building and simply vanishes, she uncovers a plot with both horror and wonder at its heart.
This is a book for anyone who loves adventure and intrigue set in a steampunk world very different from our own. But things don't get much more extreme than being chased by a tiger shark, tackling a tropical cyclone or scuba diving for buried treasure. However, with the encouragement of his best friend Geoffrey, the brave beetle embarks on his very own desert adventure. Ilsa thinks she is a a€?funny looking hippopotamusa€™ until she discovers the other giraffes, that meet beyond the jungle and under the rainbows.
Lizzie then embarks on a special spell to make the men see the earth's distress at their actions. She drew a slice of toast who had come alive and was chasing some very frightened rice crispies around the breakfast table. The first two books in that series are by a Canadian, set in Afghanistan, and by an American, set in Iraq. She has participated variously as author, speaker and resource person, in many national and international publishing events and conferences, including Les Belles Etrangeres in France, the Children’s Book Tour in the UK, AFCC Singapore and Jumpstart and Bookaroo in India. As an editor she has worked with well-known authors like Siddhartha Sarma, Anushka Ravishankar, Samit Basu, Jerry Pinto, Manjula Padmanabhan, Ruskin Bond and APJ Abdul Kalam, among others. And Duckbill also was a genuflection to the many children’s publishing houses that have a bird as their name! She has participated as speaker and resource person in national and international publishing events, like AFCC Singapore, Bookaroo, JLF, among others, and has taught at various publishing courses in India. Sisters Abigail, Beatrix and Zarah are experienced sailors, and with their parents should have made it to the Antipodes in record time.

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