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You can order books through our secure NOCHEX payment system further down this page or through Amazon by clicking the following button, (Book Shops and Distributors please contact us). The Maximum total single order value per transaction is: 75 UK Pounds, please contact us for larger orders. We guarantee to keep all your information confidential, it will only be used for delivery and sales related purposes. Outline:Three young children move into an old, rundown house where they are amazed to meet Magic Murphy, a nine-inch tall leprechaun, living in an old oak tree at the bottom of their garden. When the full moon is tinged with green it's known as a Hoonraki Moon when Leprechauns from around the world gather at the Riddle Tree, which gives forth three clues which lead to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Gammy carries on from the end of book one (Hoonraki Moon above) where inquisitive little Mark brings back an egg from Rakidom and the creature that hatches out of the egg almost costing Mark his life. Moragan the witch has to help Magic Murphy but accidently mixes the dry blood from a magical cat which Gammy absorbs. Elliot's Amazing Adventures features a young boy (Elliot) who grows in confidence through each adventure, learning along the way about some of life's values through humour and friendship. The rhyming verse style much enjoyed by children fits perfectly into the UK Schools National Curriculum. Book Number 1 includes 8 Amazing Adventures, there are currently over 40 Elliot's Adventures in the series.
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Nonetheless, like most puzzles that have a sneaky sort of compulsion to them, spotting differences  represents an exercise which has real benefit in bookstore event management.
I always feel that Dumas’s Musketeers had it right, the all for one and one for all motif really is gestalt. For example we are running a Diary Writing Contest and Simon & Schuster provided us with some great Dork Diaries swag to give away as prizes.
This is a list of children’s book publishers that accept unsolicited manuscript submissions, or have at one point or another.
They publish beautiful, unique books, often with a classic feel, by writers and artists from all over the world. I’ve been bashing my head against the wall forever trying to find a publisher for my stuff and always hitting brick walls.
But in regards to your question…Whether you get your work copyrighted or not is purely up to you. Also, as long as you do your research and submit your writing to reputable places, you shouldn’t have to worry about it, anyway.
Just about an hour ago I stumbled upon this site, and have been checking out your long list, and have even sent out my sample chapters to some of them. I get very nice feedback from some who respond to me in short time and I am very greatful for it. One back to me and say they would love to know more about me and the book and what is the best time to call me. If these are books you have already published, I do not know of any off the top of my head. I have put-up three of the comic books; the newest (yet unpublished work) is 30K words, etc. Tamarind is now under a wing of Random House and therefore strongly encourages using an agent. Ahead of the Bologna Book Fair, where Germany is Guest of Honor, we spoke to some German children’s book publishers about the rights opportunities they are seeing globally. The market for children’s books around the world is strong, and Germany is among the biggest players in the translation rights business. Tessloff, one of the top nonfiction children’s book publishers in Germany, is seeing a lot of interest in their books from Eastern Europe and Asia.

But even as German publishers enjoy good international licensing ties, there are always foreign markets to be developed.
In addition to the revenue generated by rights sales, some German publishers are also interested in doing their part to ensure that German books are published more widely around the world.
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No matter how young you are you'll enjoy this collection of short stories which are loved by both young children and the young at heart. Through the power of Murphy's magic, they embark on a journey they could never imagine in their wildest dreams. It is on such a moonlight night that Murphy takes the three children with him to the enchanted world of Rakidom. They are split into short chapters, making it ideal for reading aloud and encouraging children reading on their own.
With the help of Murphy's magical powders and spells, the spiteful son of the neighbours, get his come-uppance from Murphy and Steven.
Split into short chapters, making it ideal for reading aloud and encouraging children reading on their own.
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For example, neither you nor the world in general will be markedly better off if you were to succeed in finding all 21 differences in the puzzle below.
Whenever I try a new event at the store I always step back and look at it to see what made it different from other events, because it is in spotting the differences that real value is found.
We are participating this year for the first time, putting on a full day of programming on Saturday, and A Diary Writing Contest with a prize party tonight.
I’m leaving them on the list because at one point they did, and could change their policies again.
Interesting publishing model, putting a lot of focus on series and offering the chance at future commissioned work.
This is not uncommon, as some of them clearly stateA that a lack of response simply means they are not interested and don’t have time to respond to everyone. Basically, an indie publisher is a publishing company that is independent from the major conglomerates (Random House is an example of a major company). To celebrate this momentous achievement, my new 30K word action adventure (mis-adventure) book is ready. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon it as finding actual publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts has been impossible for me. Please which publisher do you know would be interested in an African comedy and fantasy series? I would caution you to not pigeon hole your work, however, and submit it to a wider range of publishers.
I would suggest messaging them first and inquire whether or not those guidelines are still accurate.
Though the German book market typically buys more translation rights than it sells, the sale of licenses for illustrated children’s books is doing well, according to Susanne Schneider, Rights Manager for Baumhaus, Boje and One Verlag (all part of the Bastei Lubbe family). Michael Schweins, Publisher at arsEdition, knows the difficulties behind that: “The diverse nature of the markets and their different aesthetics are always an exciting challenge. In this case, we try to minimize the license fees and reduce the prices for the print data to make it possible for these translations to be published, explains Saskia Heintz, Publishing Director of Children’s Book at Carl Hanser Verlag.
Come on this special journey and visit the lives of some loveable and enchanting characters that are part of every child's imagination, which many adults have long forgotten. Come with Susan, Mark and Steven as they discover that magical worlds do exist - you only have to believe ! The Pure in Heart Gruins, Moragan the Witch, Ramagor the Dragon and Magic add to the adventure, Murphy the hero is forced to choose between the pot of gold and saving the lives of the children.

We also had great support from Macmillan, who provided us with Origami Envelope folding sheets to go with Megan Frazer Blakemore’s appearance.
I will do my best to keep it updated, but to be perfectly honest, this list is more for my own reference than anything else. They do one book for free so they can call themselves a legit publisher and then, when they accept your other stories they inform you that you have to pay for publication. But none of the publishers on this list are vanity or self publishers, so you should be safe.
I just came through cancer and can no longer work in my chosen profession which was a first grade teacher. So, I did some research (years ag0) and found out that your writing becomes copyrighted as soon as you put into tangible form. But generally speaking, any legitimate publishing company is not going to steal someone’s work. Indie publishers are usually small to mid-sized presses, but could also include self-publishing companies, as well. I also don’t know of any that would accept a full book as a submission oppose to iust the manuscript. I have to admit, I have very little experience with comic or graphic novel publishing (zero actually). Every one I found on my own, in the past, wanted a great deal of money so I all but gave up.
As you read each story, you'll see them come to life through the outstanding full page illustrations, perfect for encouraging an early interest in reading.
I found myself constantly using other (awesome) lists, like this one and this one, and scouring through them looking for publishers fitting certain criteria. I have contacted them about some questionable wording in their submission policy and currently waiting for a response.
I do not have an agent but I’ve been doing storyboards and creating comic books for 25 + years. I admit, I’m mostly unfamiliar with the world of graphic novels, as far as submissions through production, but those above are a good place to start. They’re full of very intelligent people, with great ideas of their own, and often receive thousands of submissions every week. I did not include Mascot Books on my list of publishers because they are a self-publishing company. I decided it was time to compile a list of publishers that I have personally submitted to, or that I may submit to in the future. My dad offered to copy write them for me , however,he and mom both died while I was going through cancer with in two months of each other. We provide a prompt direct refund service, buyer initiated chargebacks through their payment service are not accepted and will incur additional administration costs. The question is, I guess, do I need my manuscripts copyrighted before I submit them to a publishing company? Books are supplied from the United Kingdom where books are currently subject to 0% (zero rate) Value Added Tax, you are responsible for any taxes imposed in your own country. Will that give me the protection I need so no one can claim them?If so, can you tell me how to do it and roughly how much it would cost? Again, if you decide to submit, please read their policies carefully and ask them any questions you may have. In the end, it really comes down to your goals as a writer (and how deep your pockets are, lol). Maybe try a search?” Thanks again for allowing me the chance for my books to possibly be read and considered!!!

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