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This is an accurate half scale of the legendary timeless classic.It can be driven by anybody from the age of 6 and up!
For those who read our blog, we enjoy photography in every aspect and expect our clients to be 100% satisfied with our work. You can see us posting small details throughout the day by watching and joining us on twitter.
Here is a list of our lovely models and their keywords, so you would replace the keyword to your preferred model and friend!
Now that the weather is breaking and we are seeing warmer days, we are starting to see the rest of our 2009 clients booking.
We just returned home today after a week in Nashville for a photography seminar we spoke at.
After working on this *vision* for a long time, we are always  excited to promote and book our exclusive Magical Forest package. We will be calling and gathering our first group of class of 2015 models starting this month.
We need models from all over the area, including Logan, Brigham, Ogden and all of Northern Utah. Jasmin’s mom gets her pictures done every year for her birthday, this is a great idea, by the way. Angelica has been a great model representative for us in her area at Box Elder High School.
We’ve enjoyed this year immensely and now we watch them all move on to bigger and better things!
A recent group image comes from our neighboring school in Brigham City, Box Elder High School. Here are a couple of favorites from her studio and outdoor senior session.  Thank you Whitney for coming to spend your time with us! If you are a friend of Whitney’s, she is working for us and can get you an exclusive and killer deal, just like all of our 2012 models can. The only way you can join in is much like an emailing list where you have to enter your information. I can only imagine what some people are thinking as they stumble upon our website and see these pictures. These sessions are only available a few times a year,  only because there is a bit of work put into setting it up!
We have used her for a couple of projects, so of course when it came time to do her senior pictures, she was totally comfortable in front of the camera and in front of us!

We have photographed Valerie’s older sister and senior portraits and now we are working with Valerie herself! Whitney is one of our senior models from the class of 2012 for Steve Harrington Photography. She contacted us early in the 2011 year about being our senior model and she’s been busy for us ever since! It was really easy to get some amazing senior portraits after doing all this work with you. COMP (COMPOSITE) PHOTOS ARE MADE AVAILABLE FOR LEGITIMATE CLIENTS ONLY FOR THEIR LAYOUT PURPOSES BEFORE LICENSING AN IMAGE AND MAY NOT BE DOWNLOADED BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC AS FREE PHOTOGRAPHY.
Our goal is to create unique images for our clients, with our guarantee you will love what you see. This will get you to our model application, so if you are reading this from our blog – you can actually find that right HERE.
We open our studio up for a week and you can bring your school kids (preschool too) in for a quality school portrait at great prices.
Call us and book and appointment during a 12 hour sale and we will give you an extra amazing price on your session fee.
Ask any of our past models who have went on our destination shoot with us, we have a great time! We put that on the application but get a good number of girls who fill it out that live nowhere near us! We’ve also watched them grow through high school as members of the Box Elder Cheerleading team. We’ve sure liked working with you girls this year and we are happy to have your team here as well! Among other goodies, she earned herself a trip to be our senior workshop model in June – at which she did an amazing job for us! We enjoyed having her in for a studio session, she is great in front of the camera and takes a great portrait! FEDERAL COURT WHERE YOU WILL BE SUBJECT TO PAYMENT OF STATUTORY DAMAGES OF UP TO $150,000 PER PHOTOGRAPH, AS WELL AS COURT COSTS AND ATTORNEYS’ FEES. If you are on your phone more than your computer and don’t want to miss out on one of our sporadic sales we are known for, this is the thang for you! This would be a good link to forward to your friends, we encourage friends to come be models together, that much more fun! We love our pets so we can appreciate when someone wants to have portraits of theirs, dressed up or not.

We are brainstorming ideas for family sessions, seniors, babies, Facebook specials, blog specials that keep you in updated, professional portraits of your loved ones.
We’d love to take your senior portraits, but I’m guessing the trip would be a deal breaker for some!
Our favorite thing is to make you look good and make you feel good about yourself.  Let’s get started! We will star it by the first 10 applications and go down the list, so fill out your application today!
If you are reading this and realized you missed our deadline, we will have other Class of 2010 modeling offers available soon to our blog readers first! We also have great albums that are a great way to showcase your baby’s introduction to the world. She has a fancy senior album coming her way soon, full of great senior images we all created together!
The electric cars are the slower option; the cars use 2 x electric motorbike 36v brushless hub motors in the rear wheels.
USE OF ANY IMAGE AS THE BASIS FOR ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHIC CONCEPT OR ILLUSTRATION IS A VIOLATION OF COPYRIGHT. Jaycee was a wonderful model and we just can’t thank her enough for helping us shine in front of our peers.
I know I always feel a little guilty when I have a heavy sweatshirt, and gloves on while you girls are out there trying not to act cold.
NO USAGE RIGHTS OF ANY KIND ARE GRANTED WITHOUT WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM BLAINE HARRINGTON III. I will post these for now, then go catch up on some sleep and have some more to share within the next few days. She’s also earned herself one of our dance composites, which we will be photographing here in September. For the girls, bring their favorite dance costume, or a leotard, we have skirts and flower wreaths available. It’s exclusively for a studio display we want to do, and we can’t wait to show it off!

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