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These hats wash well in warm water, turn inside out to preserve the applique, mild soap and lay flat to dry. Appliques can also be used on headbands, wristers, scarves, cowls or ordered individually to be added to the item of your choice. As always, Maine Coon Craft items are made in America, of heirloom quality materials and labor.
All of my items arrive beautifully wrapped and are ready for gift giving or for a a little bit of personal pampering.

We carry items for women, men and children that are handmade in the U.S from the best locally sourced materials, organic and natural, are heirloom quality and perfect for years of beauty and wearability.
If you see an item that you love, but want to save for a later date or occasion, just "heart" the item and save it to your favorites to purchase at a later date.
Exceptional Quality, Hand Made in America from Organic, Natural and Locally Sourced Materials.
All of Our Items are Made to Your Specifications, are Truly Unique and Perfect for Gifting, Sharing and for Indulging.

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