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Separated children are children aged less than 18 years who have been separated from both parents, or from their previous legal or customary primary caregiver, but not necessarily from other relatives.
Unaccompanied children are children aged less than 18 years who have been separated from both parents and other relatives and are not being cared for by an adult who, by law or custom, is responsible for doing so. They have often been forcibly separated from their parents or carers by events beyond their control, for example through the murder or imprisonment of their parent, the destruction of their community, or through the act of being trafficked or smuggled to the UK. Children seek asylum because they have a genuine need for protection and are in search of safety. Some children seek asylum in the UK either because they have been trafficked into the UK (for sexual labour or other forms of exploitation) or because they seek to escape trafficking in their home country. As well as being subject to persecution for the same reasons as adults in their country, children may be fleeing child-specific persecution. It is very rarely the case that the level of support provided in the UK is a ‘pull factor' for asylum seekers choosing to come here. In 2008, an estimated 5,500 separated children were seeking asylum and being cared for by local authorities in the UK [4], and 4,285 separated children applied for asylum in the UK during the year. The majority of separated young people seeking asylum under 18 are 16-17 years old, but a significant minority are younger than 16. The majority of separated and unaccompanied asylum seeking children arrive from countries experiencing armed conflict or serious repression of minority groups or political opponents.
In total, separated and unaccompanied asylum seeking children accounted for 84% of total grants of humanitarian protection and discretionary leave to asylum seekers in 2008, despite these children only accounting for only 17% of all initial decisions. Ayotte, W., Separated children coming to Western Europe - Why they travel and how they arrive, Save the Children, 2000.

Dorling, K, Seeking Support: A Guide to the Rights and Entitlements of Separated Refugee and Asylum Seeking Children .
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Using a teaspoon slowly pour sprinkles onto cookies, then gently press them into the cookie. They may also have been separated from their parents or caregiver during the course of their journey to the UK. Rather, research has shown that most asylum seekers have little or no knowledge of the UK and its asylum or welfare systems, and this is particularly the case with children. In 2008, for example, 9% of unaccompanied and separated children seeking asylum in the UK were under 14, 24% were aged 14-15, and 47% were aged 16-17.
In 2008, 85% of separated and unaccompanied children seeking asylum in the UK were male, and 15% female [7].

This might be because child-specific forms of persecution are not sufficiently recognised in the UK, or because many children are given discretionary leave instead, on the basis that there are not suitable arrangements for their care in their country of origin. This reflects the fact that separated and unaccompanied asylum seeking children are far more likely than other groups of asylum seekers to be granted with discretionary leave. 6: Treatment of unaccompanied and separated children outside their country of origin , The Committee on the Rights of the Child, 2005.
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People may choose the UK as a destination on account of its reputation as a safe, tolerant and democratic country, or because they have family or connections here. In 2008, for example, in initial decisions only 8% of these children were recognised as a refugee and granted asylum. However, often in the case of asylum seeking children an agent brings them to the UK and so they have little choice in the matter. The majority, 53%, were not recognised as a refugee but were granted discretionary leave, whilst 17% of children were refused asylum and not granted leave to remain.
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