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The iconic toy company has always been about bright colours and having fun and these playful glasses for young kids are no different. The sides represent the colourful Lego bricks, with the primary colours of yellow, green and red. Each pair has LEGO minifigure faces on the nose pads and LEGO logos on the temple tips to really complete the look. All of the LEGO frames come with SuperTough lenses and are part of our Great Offers For Kids. Put out the fire from above, then cut through the door with the powerful saw and put out the flames in the building, with the fire extinguisher. Set includes: 3 firefighters, fire truck with extendable, rotating ladder and retractable hose with a water element. Parts are small and not suitable for children under 5 years of ageFOREIGN ORDERS – WE SHIP WORLDWIDE.

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