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December 2, 2013 By Angie Kauffman 4 Comments · Disclosure: This Post May Contain Affiliate Links.
Angie KauffmanAngie, a domestically challenged nerd and mom of three very fun kids, is the founder of Real Life at Home.  Angie also listens to music every chance she gets, writes eBooks, podcasts, loves Pinterest, documents the little moments in life on Instagram, and occasionally sleeps. This is the story of a young girl named Lisa, whose holidays are ruined by the drunken antics of her Pop.
This lovely book follows the inspiring journey of an apple as it makes it's way down a digestive track until it reaches it's final destination--turning into a piece of caca.
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Just in time for Halloween, here's a look at some books that are sure to leave you feeling more than a little disturbed.
She creeps into his room each night and snuggles up to him while she whispers, "As long as I'm living.

Even more frightening is that one day a generation of kids who are so privileged that being scared to poop is their biggest childhood trauma will grow up and run the world. Adults who supposedly have brains thought it would be cool to have children color pictures of planes crashing into the World Trade Center. I hate to think of the punishment some kid is is gonna get when her drunk dad finds this book and goes into a full-on rage! Then I realized one day that the kid is a total a-hole who hacked the hell out of the tree until it was nothing but a stump.
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It is sweet, kind of, until years later when she climbs through his window in the middle of the night and holds a grown ass man like a baby.

You see, his swimming training pays off when he comes in first place and wins the grand prize of his swim meet--victoriously burrowing into Mrs. And heartwarming stories about dead-eyed girls who murder their kittens is my least favorite literary genre! Suddenly Shel Silverstein's author photo is looking a little more sinister and it looked pretty friggin' sinister already!
I'm pretty sure after the book ends, the son kills his mother and gives her the Chuck Testa treatment.
I particularly enjoy using the one’s that teach prayers, or have Bible verses, they are comforting and encouraging for children and their families.

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