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Geddy has received donations from partners and Geddy can perform at your church (depending on the date and location) using those funds!
John Mallory performs in costume four times for over 38 million viewers on Simon Cowell's NBC TV show with host Regis Philbin !
Most pro sports teams have two mascots, one for the stunts and one that is giant and inflatable for special tricks. All CHURCHES with under 1000 in average congregation weekend attendance: Use prices as listed below when your budget allows, offer less whenever necessary, to meet your budget. Public school show topics: Rainforest, Self-Esteem, Fitness, Drugs, Multicultural Dances, Reading, Bullies, etc.

Upon request, John Mallory, creator of Geddy the Gecko, is available to present his amazing personal testimony (before or after or separate from the Geddy the Gecko show at churches) John has miraculously recovered 100% from a deadly disease. Ground transportation, Lodging (in a hotel or a quiet home), and Meals (in restaurants or homes) are usually required. Its annual World Cup is a televised sensation in most living rooms and bars, and players such as Brazil's Pelé and Ronaldo have become world famous.
Your church can then optionally sponsor a show at another church at any time in the future. John has entertained large audiences of all ages in stadiums and arenas for basketball, soccer, baseball, football & hockey games. A 2nd character, Super Geddy, is the highlight, the most exciting part of each Geddy the Gecko show, as the Grand Finale!

No worries, there is no pressure on your church to sponsor a show at another church, do so only if you like, years down the road. 15 of the shows feature various Biblical topics, and one special show is custom designed for basketball and other sports related Christian events for awards nights, family nights, kickoff nights, etc. Kids love him so much that if necessary, to help you cover the extra $250 fee of having Super Geddy, John will sacrifice his wife Mary’s plane ticket.
If you have an unlimited budget and are able to pay for a second plane ticket, then Mary will assist John with props, sound, video & Powerpoint.

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