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It’s time once again for Heather Johnson from Family Volley to share some of her amazing Parenting Tips on Teaching Values Through Children’s Values from childrens story books as part of her “Parenting Tips Series” here on The Room. The next time you are reading a book to your child, take a minute to think about how you could use the message to teach your children.
Bond with your child and teach values and life skills at the same time, by reading together. A mother of five, who enjoys sharing her love of all things creative in hopes of inspiring other women and families. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe my readers will enjoy.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please note me if you have some ideas and feel able to do something good and funny together with me. I just looking for Someone, who are in the same situlation: do project works for publishers, have experience, and want to start to publish own books. I would have loved to write for you If I was old enough and I would know the feelings of other children cuz I am one at the moment but I’m growing!
If you need a children book writer who can write a funny yet educated children all around the world even though they can not really read it, you could hire me. I am a Reading Specialist in an elementary school and have lots of exposure to children and their literature.
I see you have a crocodile at the top of your page, did you know that in Africa the Crocodile is actually the Turnkey, while the Giraffe of course is the Judge and the Bush Pig the Police.
The Concept You Shared Here Is Awesome, Yeah There In Children Stories, You Can Even Explore Your Own Child Realm. I Write Spiritual Kinda Stuff and Love Stories, Have Not Written Much About Children Stories But Can Guess Can Ace In. The Site I Posted There, U Can Read Ma Stories Under The Pen Name Shani Ajmera & If You Feel Like I Can Touch Emotions.
I was intrigued when I came across your inquiry for a children’s book writer (entirely by accident). Hope you are well, I love writing, I love humour, I have a 5 yr old little girl who i write stories for. Looking to work in partnership with you to bring your animations to life through writing and stories. PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE THIS LOVELY PAGE LOADS  A Wonderful Children's Fairy Story See All About It Here on video This book is a wonderful compilation of stories with pictures starting with the Fairies! The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown is one of those books I have clear memories of from childhood.
The Best Easter Prize by Kristina Evans is a sweet ( maybe too sweet) book about doing the right thing. Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox.
Every Easter picture book list I’m reading is missing the best Easter book The Country Bunny and the Golden Shoes. First of all, that phrase is straight from the Bible and is used a number of times – that Jesus died on a tree, and it has extreme significance being written that way.
A great Easter book my grand daughter and pre school class loves is… The Legend Of The Unbreakable Egg. From the author of The Story of the Root Children, this is another classic children’s story with beautiful illustrations in the art nouveau style.

It helped our kids remember what they had been taught in the book and reiterate the principles in our every day experiences. They have an amazing way of emphasizing principles we are already trying to teach our children. I’m sure children would love to uncover these fascinating facts about African animals, it will amuse them as well as educating them about the wildlife of Africa, if you are interested send me an email address and I will forward Animal Land to you.
I Am Shani 28, Have Worked As A Blogger For Long and Currently Teaching English As A Second Language.
I’m currently studying for an MA in Writing for Children at the University of Central Lancashire and have just taken part in an exciting collaborative publishing project called Letters to Africa. I am a children and young people worker so have done a lot of work around attachment and identity. I believe that reading and writing are an essential part of one’s development into a good human being.
Every Easter we put at least one book in the Easter basket.A  Sometimes they are Easter themed like these sometimes they are about cars and trucks, animals or princesses. It’s Easter morning and after church is a big Easter egg hunt and whoever finds the most wins the prize. However Ollie may have missed out on dyeing the eggs but he makes up for it by masterminding a true egg hunt!
The book has a few loose ends I really wish would be tied up but before I get to that let me give you a quick taste of the book.
The story follows the Easter bunny and his 3 young assistant bunnies as they prepare for their big day. With fun pictures and an Easter Bunny so joyful I wanted to apply for his job this book was a hit at our house. My favorite picture book about Jesus’ life, crucifixion, and resurrection is The Light of the World by Katherine Patterson. It is a household favorite that teaches our children to try new things and eat their vegetables.
Please admit, that as when You look for an illustrator for Your work You will hate some and love some, I’ll feel almost the same. I truly believe I am going to look over much more you’ve writen around the subject matter. I’m from Romania and here we have very short chances to publish, so, I have a few stories written recently, if you are interested, just let me know! I have also experienced firsthand how such things as stories with morals and pictures can alter attitudes and perceptions particularly in children who regularly use fiction to escape. The type of writing I will be doing for you would include small lessons for children as well as be humorous and fun to read. I work as a dental nurse and have written a fun and educational book for my child patients. In this case, ita€™s ok to judge a book by its cover because although the ending has always seemed tacked on to me I enjoyed this simple and cute book about a bunny and the egg that he finds.
At first our heroine can’t find any but then she hits the jackpot only to find a crying friend who has an empty basket. I love her What is Christmas book and vaguely remember liking this the first time I read it ( and gave it a good but not detailed review) so I grabbed this for my daughter’s Easter basket before re reading it.
My 4 year old son loved this book and how sneaky Ollie was as he snatched the hidden dyed eggs and re hid them!
The story is how Peter wants to make his mom forgive him for being naughty so he steals ( although he doesn’t see it that way) eggs from neighboring farms to give her as a gift.

The Easter Bunny is getting tired and a little bored of his polka dot design for the eggs and decides to send out his assistants in search of new designs. My son was engaged through the whole book guessing at the rhymes and listening intently from one page to the next.
It doesn’t mention Easter, it accurately and genuinely portrays Jesus and the illustrations are beautiful.
All three are great for a wide range of ages and the Easter Hunt is something you can recreate at home.
I am an experienced writer and woud be happy to send you some examples if you are interested.
Here are some great books about Easter to read before and after the bunny hops over to your house. My son liked it too, although he was much more into the illustrations of butterflies in the first and last few pages. Of course she offers her some of her eggs ( sweet) but then they cross the finish line holding hands ( too sweet). My daughter loves these books and plays with them even when we aren’t reading them together. My son loved this book but some younger friends ( young 4 year olds) lost interest in the middle. Before he gives them to her paint falls on them and they get colored all different beautiful colors. This book does a fantastic job at explaining the holiday of Easter, it’s origins and traditions on the level of kids still young enough to read a board book. The little bunnies head out with one egg and paints to all different places to find inspiration. Books are also a great way to help our children understand topics that we might not know how to explain. Also pop over to Scholastic Parents and check out my latest post about creating a book hunt .
My dislike of sickly sweet picture books aside the story as a whole is cute, my kids enjoyed it and the lesson is valuable. I love this author and I love how working together is presented in a practical way instead of simply because it’s the right thing because I think the former is easier for young kids to grasp.
It doesn’t hurt that the church in it looks identical to ours and my son was so excited that our church was in the book! When one of the little bunnies is captivated by the night sky she doesn’t notice how dark it is and how lost she has gotten. This book takes a Christian viewpoint vs the many secular Easter books focusing on egg hunts and the Easter bunny. The Easter Bunny and his other assistants find her and in the morning the new designs are celebrated.
I know why the author wrote it like that to turn him into the Easter Bunny but it still didn’t sit well with me. It starts out noting all the secular aspects of the holiday and how they are fun but are not the real reason you celebrate. I liked the illustrations and how detailed they were , it certainly got me excited about Easter.

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