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I used my ipad to vectorize (digitally trace!) my illustration in InkPad using a 50c rubber-tipped stylus I picked up on eBay.
I stumbled across this tip at Stubby Pencil Studios… breathe life back into dried out water based markers by dipping them in water!
Not sure how many times this trick will work, but my daughter was pleased having a dozen old markers back into the fold and has been colouring up a storm!
This is your (belated) holiday card :) Hope you had a happy and safe holiday with your family and friends! Was fun making Christmas Cards out of some of Hera’s old drawings, a great way to reuse them. I’ve wanted to do this for years, and having a 3-year-old to do it with gave me the perfect excuse to have a go at making potato stamp holiday paper. I’ve just started working on illustrating and designing a new children’s book, eeeeeee! Our non-fiction template line offers our most feature rich formatting experience with stylized formatting for situations commonly found in non-fiction print and eBooks. One year we thought it would be fun to have staff help us choose the final 10 for the short list, and our staff road show was born.
Since I don’t have any background in art or art history, I especially appreciate reading books and articles that talk in general about picture books as an art form. This is a no-frills but thorough encyclopedia that covers everything from the parts of a picture book to media, layout & design. Writing With Pictures and How Pictures Work go deeper into composition and story, but this book is great for its dozens of interviews with illustrators, editors, designers, & critics (from around the world), and for all the full-color illustrations from published books and personal projects. If you are looking for a place to start to understand the elements of composition, this is a must-read. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

This work by Melissa Depper is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Design and layout of illustrated story book for Cheshire West and Chester Council to provide support, help and advice to children who are soon to be adopted. I had stumbled across other artists who came up with some illustrations based on children’s drawings, and had a go with my Ugly Mermaids illustration.
Kids love to decorate and stick (and peel, and stick, and peel) stickers, and this big play surface is fun for their imagination.
And once they come down from the wall, they can be potato-stamped to make into home made wrapping paper. I had a bag full of dried out markers I hadn’t quite found another use for, so gave it a go. Hera & I glued the drawings down onto cheap holiday cards from the dollar store, then once they were dry we cut them out and did potato stamps on them. Was an easy, quick craft… all you need is a small potato and knife to cut the pattern out of it, a little paint and a flat container to put it in, and large paper.
If you?ve changed your website or blog host, make sure your links still work and that your RSS feed goes to the new blog. If the last ?public event? on your website calendar is a year old, but you?ve got an event next week, who?s gonna know? We take all of the guesswork out of making sure things line up, that all of the text appears where it needs to, and that the cover lines up on the page correctly.
Our customized templates for chapter books, picture books and pre-teen fiction feature age appropriate typography and design. From our line of templates for MiniBuk to a template to help propose your manuscript to a traditional publisher, we have you covered. This project grew out of an online poll our Digital Services librarians have run for several years on our children’s web site, where we list about 10 books we like with strong Caldecott buzz, and have our patrons vote on their favorite. Now Alyson, one of the Internet Librarians, and I keep an eye out all year for great picture books–she’s lots better at this than I am, I usually have to read like mad to catch up to her in the fall!

I love reading reviews, discovering aspects of the art and illustrations that I wouldn’t have noticed on my own, checking out interviews with the authors and artists, soaking it all up. The chapter on digital illustration is an excellent primer for those who’d like to know more about how artists create with the computer. Molly Bang uses cut-paper collages to show the structural principles of illustration she has discovered in the course of her own study. So when my daughter Hera drew a picture of me (left), herself & Hank on my birthday last year… I had to have another go at it!
Once they get unsticky, we glue them to stiff paper and cut them out and reuse them as paper dolls. We reused Hera’s old drawings, which added a quirky flare with creepy stick figures peeking through the trees! We include templates to cover several of the most popular vendors like CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Ingram Spark, as well as a "generic" template for use with the printer of your choice. Offering solutions for both print and eBook, these templates are the easy way to create a semi-customized design.
In September we start trying to get our favorites down to, oh, 30 titles or so, drive ourselves crazy trying to pare the list down to 20*, and then go out and visit branch staff meetings in October, November, and December.
I know I will return to his chapters on sequence, action, story, space, and composition many times. Busy life as a mum has kept me from colouring in my pencil drawing till today :) Again I used Sketchbook Pro on my iPad to do the colouring, and to touch up a couple child-induced spills! We’ll go to any branch or department who can carve out 15 minutes of their time for us! We booktalk a few of the titles, pass around the rest, and staff choose their top several books.

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