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Design InspirationOf all the children’s stories we knew, the one’s we loved most seemed to be classic British children’s literature.
Decorating StyleThe style is very classic, almost Victorian in certain elements, evoking a feeling of the nursery Peter would have flown into when looking for children to take to Neverland. Favorite ItemsMy favorite aspect of the room is probably the compass and ship chandelier, but I really love the sign post, as well.
Subscribe to receive $10 off when you spend $50 or more on your first purchase in our shop! For this example I chose an embroidery set by Bonnie at SewInspired that was designed as an ITH fabric book project. Once the page order is determined, you will have to stitch the pages together so that the chosen order is preserved.
Once the pages are chosen and marked and the assembly diagram is selected, you can begin to stitch the page borders. The page sets are layered right sides together with a layer of craft batting on the bottom. As you can see by the page on the far left in these pictures, I did a little bit of experimenting with some stitches around the pages in addition to the top stitching on the outer edge.
From Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan, to Narnia and Harry Potter, Griffin’s room is a creative mix of different worlds and lands that were founded by their authors in the UK. We were lucky to find a local painter in Nashville who could take anything I envisioned and make it a reality!

Children love these books beginning as early as they can sit and all the way through the early elementary grades. I modified the original design so that I could make this a combination project using the page designs stitched with the embroidery machine, and assemble the page borders and book using a sewing machine.
When you stitch the pages together, the order will change because you are putting fronts and backs of pages together to preserve the order you originally planned. Rather than trying to remember the order required for stitching, I created a chart that shows that order and can always go back to it for reference.
I stitch a ?” seam all the way around leaving an opening of about 4-5”on the lower edge of one page for turning right side out.
In watching children play with fabric books, I have noticed that the topstitching creates a firm edge that is easy for little fingers to grasp for turning pages. Keeping outer edges as even as possible (they will not be perfectly even because of the nature of the book), mark the center line and stitch a double center line in the middle of the pages to create a “spine” for the book. Enjoy! The Hundred Acre Wood  and Neverland make prominent appearances, but slight nods to the world of Harry Potter can be found, as in the snowy owl perched atop the crib. I honestly just chose things that made me happy, because I knew that would rub off on my baby, as well. In addition, this is a great way to use up embroidery designs that have been stitched as samples before starting a project or those that were leftover when a prior project was finished.
However, satin stitches and higher stitch count designs will cause puckering on these fabrics.

After stitching, trim the batting all the way to the seamline, trim the corners and turn right side out. Here’s a project that I made using samples of animal embroidery, photos on fabric, and novelty fabrics.
However, if you are using up samples you may need to add some borders around some of the pages or cut some of the pages down to get them all the same size.
Thus, I use an interfacing such as French fuse (a nylon tricot interfacing) or Armo-Weft (a soft woven interfacing used in tailoring) to stabilize the fabric.
Press the opening with a ?” fold to match the seam allowance and use basting glue to close the opening. Another thing learned was that it would be better to have the same top-stitching on every page rather than different top stitching on each page. The tearaway will soften under the stitches, but will continue to give some stability throughout the life of the project. You will find excellent tips on stabilizing softer fabrics in the Machine Embroidered T-shirt class on Craftsy.

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