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This nine-bedded hospital has all facilities available for specialized surgical treatment of newborns, infants and children.
Apart from all general pediatric surgical procedures, he is having a vast experience of treating neurosurgical problems like spinabifida, meningocele, hydrocephalus and craniosynostosis.
There were certain operations performed in newborns and children by him which happened for the first time in Gujarat and were well appreciated by the media and section of the press.

Pediatric Surgery :- We do surgery for wide range of pediatric surgical disorders like Hemia, Hydrocele, Hypospadiasis, Circumcision, Appendicitis, Undescended testees, Intessusption, Pediatric bronchoscopy, VP Shunt for Hydrocephalus, Cleft lip, cleft palate.
Keeping this in mind, we have developed this website and information to simplify a few things so that you can focus & get an idea on your childa€™s care while you are here. He treats pediatric urological problems like undescended testis, bladder extrophy, ambiguous genitalia (intersex), PUValves, VU reflux, PUJ obstruction and hydronephrosis etc.

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