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If you would like to buy this item or need any further information, please contact one of the national suppliers listed below. If you are one of the suppliers listed here, and don't know how to update your product information please contact our Data Services team to find out how to update your information. Mobile chairs, as a rule, tend to offer more support than static chairs and are also more adjustable. When considering equipment for the toilet, an individual assessment with an occupational therapist may be appropriate. The equipment listed here may be provided by your local authority, depending on their eligibility criteria. The toilet-fixed units may be less stable than toilet seat frames and fixing must be routinely checked to ensure the seat remains secure.
Equipment used with a standard toilet can be inconvenient for other members of the family - this should be considered prior to purchase. NRS Healthcare is dedicated to providing products and services designed to support independent living. We constantly review and update our product range to make sure we can offer the best products possible to all of our customers.

NRS Healthcare is also the UKs leading provider of Community Equipment, Wheelchair and Clinical Services to the NHS and Local Authorities, supporting over 9 million people. We are an award winning member of the British Healthcare Trades Association and abide by its professional code of practice.
If your child has poor balance or co-ordination, it is essential to fix the frame to the floor. Given there are many styles of toilets, pipes and boxing, it is important to check that the frame will fit around the pan before purchasing.
This question is from Childrens 2-piece 1.6 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet in White 0 answers Is the bowl the same size as a standard elongated bowl?
Your child's safety is very important and there may be individual factors which determine what equipment best suits your child's needs. We specialise in and sell over 2,700 daily living aids, mobility equipment, disability equipment and therapeutic resources, for adults and children. NRS have an award winning Product Development team that are continually developing and sourcing products to ensure that they are best suited to individual needs.
In addition we also offer a helpful Occupational Therapy Product Helpline service to guide on product choice and suitability.

If you are a national supplier who is not listed please read our FAQs to find out how to add your company.
Alternatively, you may be eligible for a direct payment from your local authority to purchase something suitable.
Zurn's vitreous china products are finished with a glaze that is nonporous, acid-resistant, and scratch resistant for the ultimate in sanitation. The medium sized seat is fixed to the toilet with a hook and butterfly nut placed at the back of the backrest.
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