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Fussy Dundies are a revolutionary sort of underwear that offer style without compromising comfort. Available in both womens' and childrens' sizes, Dundies feature soft fabric bands at the leg and waist and are made from stretch fabric that won’t lose its shape.
Fabric Bands: The most unique feature of Dundies are the stretchy fabric bands that keep underwear from drooping without cutting into skin. The following WAHM (Work at home Mom) companies have been licensed to create and sell Dundies underwear; please be assured that when you purchase from them you're buying the real thing!
Please note: While we are confident that Dundies licensees strive to provide customers with a quality product, Just Fussy does not assume any responsibility or liability for the quality of item made from our pattern by the licensee. Company Related ProductsView the Seller's Products children baseball cap children baseball cap1.the mini order is 300 pcs.

Due to the unique design, Dundies underwear fit a wide variety of shapes and body types without pinching or riding up.
You can be assured that your Dundies are made with care and an attention to detail not found in mass-produced underwear. Dundies are perfect for people with sensitivities to elastic or latex, or those that just can't stand tight clothing. Since Dundies provide a very snug fit many parents choose to purchase a size larger than their child’s age. Hip measurements that fall on the lower end of the size range will have a higher rise than hip measurements that fall on the higher end of the size range. In general, the larger size will provide a higher rise and more coverage, while the smaller size will provide a lower rise and slightly trimmer coverage.

The above listing is provided as a service to our customers and our licensees, and is not intended as approval, recommendation, or evaluation of product quality. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Dundies made from these specialty fabrics may fit differently; please check with your contractor if you have any questions about fabric and fit.

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