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Crafted from a combination of solid oak and oak veneers this adorable toy box features engraved detail specifying toys.
This wooden log cabin type playhouse is extremely spacious and will entertain your children and their friends for hours. Ranges Include: Shop fixtures, retail mannequins, clothes rails and garments rails, shop fitting supplies and much more! At just under 3ft in length the ottoman blanket box is perfect for single size beds and will provide ample storage all your childrens favourite teddies and toy. Accessories include; 2 Fire Barricades, 2 Hoses with Nozzles, 4 Connecting Hoses, 1 Four-Way Connector, 2 Fire Hydrants, 2 Traffic Cones, 2 Fires.

Two stories with a Fireman pole, includes 4 lockers,1 bunk bed,1 round table,2 chairs, 1 control console,1 swivel chair, 1 shelf unit, 1 satellite dish. This kids wooden storage chest features four friends: a green frog, a blue cat, a yellow teddy and a red mouse. His bedroom is quite small so this box is perfectly sized but there's ample room for his toys. The generous size (64cm x 37.5cm x 40cm) means theres plenty of room inside for all those favourite toys, while a soft close shutting mechanism helps protect tiny fingers. The only thing that prevented me from awarding a 5 start rating was the lid; the hinges had been fitted a couple of millimetres too far to the left.

But I wouldn't let this deter you - probably just a one off error and if I had time and energy I could probably correct it myself.

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