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Join us on this exceptional spring break family yoga vacation at Guaria de Osa nestled in an emerald green tropical rainforest along Costa Rica's remote Osa Peninsula surrounded by warm turquoise waters and pristine beaches. On a typical day the adults will have the option to enjoy meaningful Anusara Yoga® instruction with Peggy Profant while Christine works with the children sharing delightful yoga and theatrics. Every day you and your family can choose from numerous unforgettable activities in one of our planet's most privileged settings.
There will be plenty of time to lounge in a hammock with a book or get a massage while children are off playing and enjoying this paradise with their community of new friends.
You may like to check out the nearby Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica's crown jewel, that offers waterfalls to bathe in and the tallest rainforest canopy known. Subscribe to our email newsletter to keep up to date on upcoming international events and earlybird discounts. Guaria de Osa, family owned and operated, offers secluded, peaceful accommodations with ocean and rainforest views tucked among palm groves. This award winning Yoga Kit for Kids is both a game and a teaching tool that combines fun, fitness and imagination. When my hands crawl through my legs and rest next to my feet, I can sit upon my arms as if they were my seat. This award winning Yoga Kit for Kids is both a game and a teaching tool that combines fun, fitness and imagination. On the reverse side of the card is a cartoon and a short rhyming poem - fun to remember and repeat - describing how to move into the pose.
Music for Yoga CD (contains 20 minutes of energizing classical music and 20 minutes of soothing instrumental music). Our Yoga Parties are unique, age appropriate, and include basic and challenging yoga poses, creative breathing techniques, fun yoga games, and relaxation time with hand or foot massages. Join us for a late night, not quite sleep over party for up to 10 kids at our magical studio! The children will also have educational experiences in nature, learn some Spanish and be introduced to a daily meditation practice.

Take a paddle boat ride up the Rio Claro, where you will be surrounded by the mystique of the rainforest. A boat ride away is Cano Island Oceanic Reserve, a world class scuba diving and snorkeling site with crystal clear water, hiking trails, white sand beaches; a great place to see dolphins, turtles, sailfish and coral reefs. It is a perfect place for children to roam and explore the most bio diverse area of the planet. The three-storied main lodge is a breathtaking feat of architecture built entirely from reclaimed hardwoods. The facilities and skilled staff of Guaria de Osa offer guests a timeless, serene and awe-inspiring atmosphere alongside an Osa Peninsula adventure.
Yoga Kit For Kids combines the fun of pretend play with the excitement of a physical challenge! Includes the transformation into a butterfly through yoga poses, music, stories, props and butterfly wings to decorate for up to 10 children!
If needed, we can provide party-themed decorations, paper goods, balloons, birthday cake, henna, hair braiding, face painting, and other party additions.
In the evenings adults will enjoy a deeply relaxing restorative practice and on occasion the parents and children get together for a bonding partner yoga experience or enjoy storytelling together. You may find archaeological sites throughout the island as you walk through its primary-growth forest. In this exciting retreat, Christine will weave together wonderful, enriching Anusara inspired yoga classes for children with bilingual songs, stories and theatrics. There are no roads here and access is primarily by a one and a half hour motorboat ride from the river town of Sierpe or twenty minutes by boat from Drake Bay's Airport. It offers an expansive yoga studio, library, study and massage rooms and an observatory cupola with splendid panoramic views of the rainforest canopy and breathtaking sunsets. By visiting Guaria de Osa you are directly supporting rainforest conservation projects in remote rainforest regions of Central and South America.
Indoors or out it provides hours of noncompetitive fun that develops strength, balance, flexibility and concentration.

Kids bring their own doll or stuffed animal, help them into yoga poses, and they can practice along side, on their very own mini yoga mat, which they will decorate and keep.
Includes Group Games, Flying Partner Yoga, Partner Acrobatics, and Circus Skills (such as balance pole, juggling, diabolo, devil sticks, etc.). Children who like horses will love exploring the lushness of the peninsula and the nearby village on horseback. Guaria's local expert, Jonathon Miller, specializes in ethnobotany and will delight in telling you and your children all about the rainforest's flora, fauna and ancient medicines. Living and sharing amongst new found friends the children are lead through a week of rainforest awe and happiness that ends in a performance offered generously to the parents and staff; a creative, heart warming, synthesis of our weeks adventures together. Percentages of all funds generated are channeled to Grupo Osanimi for rainforest protection. Kids imitate the illustrated photographs on the cards to pretend to be Dogs, Lions, Heroes and more! Your guests will remember the party every time they practice on their very own originally designed yoga mat! We'll have a pizza dinner, play yoga games, do a craft or even watch a movie on our big screen. Includes a fresh fruit platter and pizza, for up to 10 adults (babies included), set up and clean-up, and an experienced and energetic staff.
Those who have always wanted to fly through the canopy can try out the neighborhoods newest attraction, just a short horseback ride or hike away! Guaria de Osa's web site has more information about their commitment to preserving rainforest land and culture. We'll have a glow-in-the-dark dance party with glow bracelets and necklaces, we'll hoop, sing, and play yoga all night long!

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