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I also could be wrong about this, but the overalls in CP1 looked darker than the ones in CP2.
I didn't bother documenting the sewing process since I covered that pretty well with the development of the pattern. The wig is temporary because I finally received my samples from the good folks at National Fiber Tech!!! This is the same modacrylic fiber that his hair was originally made from and it has a very unique texture.

If coiprops would be still be able to sell head and hands, would you be willing to sell your print design and shoes? Amazing work, I've read through this thread checking out the photo's you've posted of your progress & you continue to amaze me with every new stage that you complete. I am working on converting a corky doll and was wondering if you would share the graphic file for the Good Guys writing and transfer images you used on the overalls.
Must be a rpf build thread lol the pictures are reminders of the beginning of Cp2 when they pull the charred doll from the fire and rebuild it.

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Terrible twos wont sleep swaddle


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