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Additionally, Kindergarten readiness conferences will be offered in the spring, but please let us know anytime you have a question or a concern about your child.
With an informative commentary and quite nicely illustrated by Rob Court, Doodle Books, is an eight volume series of instructional books specifically designed and enthusiastically recommended for children ages 4-7 (preschool through first grade) to instruct them in the art of drawing simple pictures using basic shapes.
The Child's World is an independent, family-owned company that has been publishing books for schools and libraries since 1968. A Child's First Steps is an academic child care center located on Highway 10 in Orangeville, just north of Hockley Road.

Each of these instructional manuals for aspiring young artists takes them from a basic shape (such as a triangle, square or circle), to a final drawing in just four easy steps. Our teaching staff are experienced early childhood educators that have ongoing training in the early childhood field. Schools and community libraries should acquire the entire series of hardcover books with reinforced library bindings for their collections. He started the Scribbles Institute to help young artists learn about drawing and visual art.

To achieve this goal, we've committed ourselves to manufacturing the highest-quality books available and strengthening our relationship with you, our customer.

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