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If you were looking to bring a little bit of the ocean to your home but didn't want one of those cushy soft seats, then this is the seat for you!
This Panda Bear toilet seat is so well-made, that it is sturdy enough for even the busiest bathroom , so get ready for the compliments to roll in! The chrome hinges add a classic touch to this seat which is made of a clear poly-resin material and beautifully adorned with seashells and starfish, accented with the colors of the seaweed and topped off with the beauty of a seahorse.
However, if you are interested in a different style, please check out all of our Potty Seats!

The chrome hinges add a classic touch to this well made wooden seat featuring a panda bear eating bamboo. If you are looking for a totally different kind of seat, then please check out our Flip Potty Seats to meet your needs. If you were looking for a seat for the animal lover in you but didn't want the traditional cushy soft seats, then this is just the seat for you! The high back will provide support for the child's back and the splash guard in front will prevent messes.

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