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The prince had fallen in love with Cinderella and wanted to find out who the beautiful girl was, but he did not even know her name. Nobody, not even Cinderella’s stepmother or stepsisters, knew who she really was in her pretty clothes and shoes.
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The lady whose foot fits this slipper will be the one I marry!” The next day, the prince and his servants took the glass slipper and went to all the houses in the kingdom. Cinderella was so happy dancing with the prince that she almost forgot what the fairy godmother had said.

Cinderella was made to sew new party gowns for her stepmother and stepsisters, and curl their hair. At the last moment, Cinderella remembered her fairy godmother’s words and she rushed to go home.
They tried to squeeze their feet and push hard into the slipper, but the servant was afraid the slipper would break. She touched them with her magic wand and the mice became four shiny black horses and two coachmen and the pumpkin turned into a golden coach.
Cinderella was overjoyed and set off for the ball in the coach drawn by the six black horses.

Her coach turned back into a pumpkin, the horses into mice and her fine ball gown into rags.

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