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That means use the toilet brush (that’s saturated with the cleaner) and swish it around the inside of the bowl and a damp paper towel or toilet paper and swipe the outside of the bowl.
That means if you click on one and make a purchase, I receive a commission to fund my blogging hobby.Ever wonder how to keep your toilet bowl clean and smelling fresh? Also known as Marla Cilley, this wonderful lady offers a free service to help women, such as myself, get their housekeeping under control.

I guarantee that, if you have trouble staying on top of everything you need to do to keep your house company ready and you follow her instructions to the letter, the FlyLady will transform your house and your life.
Do it every day and you will never see a film, smell an odor, or get that feeling you get when you just can’t stand the look or smell any longer.

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