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Although the Litter Maid Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box sounds ideal for a household with a large cat or multiple felines, despite the claims that this big, self-cleaning litter box eliminates most odors while keeping the litter pleasingly fresh—a whole lot of cat owners hate it.
Theoretically, when a cat enters the litter box, it triggers a sensor and then that sets off a timer so that within ten minutes a rake runs through the litter, scooping out clumps and depositing them in a plastic container at the box’s end. Next, this area is automatically sealed until the next cat “deposit” when the raking cycle repeats. Twelve reusable, disposable containers are included in the purchase and the litter box can be plugged into a wall socket (AC adapter included) or operated on eight D-cell batteries (not included). There is also a carpeted ramp that leads into the box and that helps clean cat paws on the way out. We liked that there is a safety component and that the rake stops and reverses at the slightest touch or if an object gets in the way.
In case the cat re-enters the box before the 10 minutes have elapsed, the timer automatically resets. One person called it the “turd launcher” and said it was like having meteor showers of turds inside the home. The clumping litter has to be deep enough for the urine to form a ball in the middle of the litter because the rake does not reach down deep enough to scrape the bottom.

Consumer Reports has discussed problems with this product and how bad customer service is–and apparently they were right. Raking and dumping into the container was reported to be incomplete and material often sticks to the rake so that is accumulated and required additional sifting and cleaning. The motor seemed weak, didn’t complete the cycle consistently and often quit in the middle of action. With so many unhappy cat owners chiming in, we can only say that we do not recommend the Litter Maid Automatic Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box and so give it a one star rating. Waterproof backing, protects the floor, smells like grass to the dogs, has odor control for us and is machine washable. Thank you for this review this just saved me some money.i»?Karmifive: Did you ever consider cat litter in a basin and a piece of AstroTurf? A Back in the day, when using real cloth diapers, we used 20 mule team borax (found in the laundry aisle). A Now that I use the "smart cat box" with a reservoir in the bottom of the litter box to catch urine I also put a tablespoon of 20 mule team in the reservoir too.
A I agree with rolling up the artificial grass and soaking it, just get a second one for back-up.

I have the same model, only I use a hose instead of a catch basin to go through the drain spout off my balcony. The only problem I'm having is the smell now that the weather is getting warm and I don't rinse twice daily. To everyone who thinks this product is too much work or high maintenance, I've tried less expensive options and while the price tag on this item is steep in my opinion, it's better than the cheaper alternatives (pee pads are more in the long run) and certainly more aesthetically pleasing.
Regular rinsing will also keep the pee residue from building up (at least in a dry climate).
I bought one of those stretchy hoses and an adapter for my kitchen faucet for weekly deep cleaning - so easy.

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