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If you have to carry diapers around in your handbag, why not get ones that coordinate with your shoes? I work full time, and my husband and I recently rearranged schedules so he can be home during the day. You know, before I started cloth diapering I was always baffled by the fervor of the cloth diapering people because OH MY LANDS, could they ever go on and on and on about cloth diapers. And then I log on this morning to scan for a question and LOOK LOOK SOMEONE IS ASKING ME ABOUT CLOTH DIAPERS! You can go back and forth over the environmental impact of your diapering choices all you want (and there are studies that support the idea that the energy used to wash cloth diapers is just as bad as the disposables piling up in the landfills), but there’s no question that cloth beats everything else in the Adorability Department.
The diapers come with inserts, though you can totally get sucked into a shopping wormhole by all the other, additional inserts and doublers and stuffing-type things that are out there.
For wet diapers, which is about 95% of the diapers you change for a non-newborn, you simply open your diaper pail and shake the insert out into it, then drop the outer pants in, where they stay until you’re ready to do laundry. Amy also documented her second pregnancy (with Ezra) in our wildly popular Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, Zero to Forty.
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Is it weird that despite not being married and most certainly not having (or being close to having) kids I am totally fascinated by this?
As for detergent, I use E-Cover, which can usually be found in the organic section of your grocery store, or a local natural food shop. I know the initial cost sometimes puts people off but we figure, between 2 kids, we’ll save at least $1500 on diapers alone by going cloth! I switched to cloth with Baby#1 when he was about 1 and will use cloth from day 1 with #2-on-the-Way.
We use the same as she does, except I bought only 3 covers (BumGenius plus some tiny tiny ones for New Baby) and use mostly old-fashioned pre-folds inside. Hi Elizabeth, you are the first person I have come across on my researching on the net that explains how they DONT have to wash the outer cover every time you change a nappy!! I am telling you, I would gladly watch every forest in the world turn to desert to use disposables rather than cloth.
Just wanted to pipe in on the energy use idea: if the ONLY environmental impact of disposables was them piling up in landfills vs. But each and every disposable diaper you buy used water, bleach, plastics, cotton and petroleum to manufacture, then there are the significant energy costs of transporting those disposables from wherever they were manufactured to the store, and from there of course to your home. I’ve found I need to use the two microfiber inserts that came with the Bum Genius diapers during the day and one microfiber on top of a Hemp Babies Little Weeds insert.
2) If you want to DIE of cuteness (and eco-friendliness: support small business!) go to Etsy and search for cloth diapers. We use a service, and besides the monthly fee, we had to get about 4 diaper covers (more from Freecycle actually too) or so. She was in cloth only for the first 4 months then when I went back to work and she to daycare we had to do Pampers during the day due to some stupid state law that prohibits cloths at daycare.

For washing I did the same pre-rinse (threw the diapers in for a small, short load in cold water, no detergent ‚Ai let it run) then a hot wash with one of those Downey fabric softener balls filled with white vinegar. There is nothing better then folding those cute little stacks of diapers or seeing your babies cute butt wrapped up in a Fuzzi Bunz. I posted some of this on Amalah’s blog, so I apologize for the repetition for some of you, but I thought is worth repeating.
Ointments such as calming creams or barrier creams are often helpful when dealing with skin irritation in the diaper area.
Most commercial rash creams contain ingredients like petroleum jelly and fish oils which are generally problematic or even damaging for use with cloth diapers.
These ingredients can cause residue build up in your cloth fibers making them repel liquid. If you do need to use rash ointments for an extended period of time, it can be helpful to use liners even with cloth safe rash creams. A blog about family, good eats, fun crafts, a bit of DIY, & surviving the modern parenting world.
It’s pretty great, and while I got to take six months for maternity leave, he never really got that chunk of time.
I mean, I get the landfill thing and all that, but the excitement seemed to go deeper than that typical smugness people get from their reusable grocery bags and their hybrids and their compost piles. It actually costs less than Tide, which is what I used in my pre-diaper days, and I think it cleans our clothes better than most regular detergents, so I use it for everything now. I am half way through my pregnancy with my first and am eager to give cloth nappies a go but very new and naive to the whole process… I’ve been wondering how people can reuse a cover if just pulling out the insert as surely the cover inner lining would still be wet????
However, creams that work great with disposable diapers are not always safe to use with cloth diapers. When your cloth diapers or inserts contain these oils, they will not absorb urine properly causing your diapers to leak. Please be aware that continued daily use of any ointments is not recommended as they all can cause residue buildup eventually with overuse. Natural oils like grape seed, avocado, coconut, apricot kernel, almond,  jojoba or vitamin E are a better option. Despite previous beliefs, zinc oxide is NOT harful to your cloth diapers and will not cause issues. This of course, is easy to avoid when we stay home, but becomes an issue any time we go out to eat or visit some one’s home. I knew it was used on wool covers so I just ASSUMED it would create a build up on my diapers. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. For a toddler, this is the easiest thing in the world since everything is kind of solid anyway. The washing instructions that come with your diapers will scare the crap out of you, no pun intended.

The entire cost was around $450, and will hopefully see us to the day when both boys are fully, totally, no-doubt-about-it potty trained, if that helps with anyone’s cost-savings-potential math. It makes sense that you lay the insert just inside the cover, is this how people usually do it? They have held a breathtaking amount of waste with NO LEAKS!I have tried many of the fancy diapers (including Fuzzi Bunz) and settled on the prefolds because of their ease, simplicity, flexibility and LOW COST. Because the prefolds are relatively cheap, I made sure I got lots of diapers and covers so I wouldn’t run out right away, so I do laundry twice a week, occasionally I get extra lazy and do it once a week. Since cloth diapers are meant to be used over and over again, you do not want to use any ointments that can compromise the integrity of the cloth. Many common diaper creams also contain chemicals that can lead to odor issues and staining in your cloth diapers.
If you have persistent rash issues it can be beneficial to try diapers with a different type of fabric inner. Cloth diapers, despite being All Kinds Of Fancy these days, will hit their maximum wetness capacity sooner than a disposable and will leak if you don’t change them.
I know it’s a pain to order it online, but everything else I tried ended up building up in the microfiber inserts after a couple of months. Cloth diapers are manufactured once, transported once (if you wash in-home) and then just cleaned. It is best to use a liner when using these creams or better yet, a cloth friendly diaper cream. Once a week, I wash all of them with a couple scoops of Oxi-Clean and no detergent, just to ward off any of that terrible residue and repelling stuff that might happen because I’m using a three-star detergent instead of four or five. And I did find that no matter how carefully I rinsed the diapers after the wash and how often I changed her, she did end up with diaper rash from time to time; she just has super-sensitive skin.
Mostly I’m looking to save a few bucks and you know, try to destroy the environment a little less.
Oh my!) Fuzzi Bunz come with one microfiber insert, but I found that I need TWO inserts (or one insert and one cheap pre-fold) at night, or even just during naps for Noah.
For babies somewhere in between, you can buy a diaper sprayer that hooks up to your toilet, or flushable liners that catch the solids BEFORE they hit the diaper. But between the stinkier poop that happened when she finally conceded that solid food was not the end of the world (no one told me about the special liners–those might have helped) and the fact that our new apartment has a really crappy washer and dryer and I was using a huge amount of energy to wash and dry them, I switched to disposables. Like many of you, I did use disposables at night for the increased absorbance and when going out for convenience, but a mega-pack of those would last us a few months.
So taking 10 seconds to rinse out a diaper while holding on to a perfectly clean corner of it is like, not a big deal. I mean, I could tell you STORIES, people, of just how intimately acquainted you may get with your child’s waste and bottom business IN SPITE of using disposables, but I would like my kids to talk to me when they are teenagers, especially after ALL I DID FOR THEM AND THE POOP I DEALT WITH.

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