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Getting an active toddler to slow down for a lay-down diaper change is a challenge at best.
I spent years managing innovation projects for the biggest global name in the sportswear industry. Place your Antsy Pantsaā€˛? order today and start laying the groundwork for successful potty training. Many cloth trainers are just puffy pull-on pants with no way to get them on or off except for over the feet.

I hated the idea of switching to wasteful disposable diapers, so I researched my cloth options first.
Children who wear cloth diapers tend to potty train earlier than those in disposable diapers. Bear in mind, though, that this one-time purchase also replaces the ongoing expense of disposable diapers. Buy your diapers from a business that is so confident in its products, we offer a true guarantee.

Buy a toddler diapering solution that was invented for the stage your child is at right now.

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