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Potty Training Pants by Potty Scotty are 100% cotton, with a super absorbent center strip for extra protection when accidents happen.
Training Pant Features: Super absorbent center panel Easy to pull on and off 100% cotton Wide rib legs for a comfortable fit Our BEST selling training pants! Please have your child TRY these training pants on BEFORE washing to verify they fit properly. Our son was adopted and from the first time we got him he was delayed and he started school having not been potty trained well the school told us he would have to be potty trained or he would have to wait the following year to go to school, well we were desperate someone told us to try potty Scotty underwear yes little expensive for underwear especially on tight pay check to paycheck budget, but we did it and within 2 weeks he was potty broken THANK YOU. The cotton padded training pants fit differently than the 2 in 1 Waterproof training pants. Note- I needed to put these back in the dryer for a second pass (only about another 20 minutes). We were on the cusp of a size S, although technically we are a size XS (we were 1 pound and 1 inch away from a size S).
I ordered a size small, my boys weighs 25 lbs, we tried them on when they came and they were too big!
All the padding in under him, (like in girls training pants) not in front where it should be.

If your child is 29-32lbs you should probably go with the Mediums; and if your child's around 34-36lb go with the Large. Five times as thick and more absorbent than Gerber Training Pants for Boys and they look comfy too. Now they will leak if your trainer decides to empty his whole bladder but for small accidents they are perfect. That way if a customer doesn't have to open a whole package when they could just return one in one package. love these training pants!
Underneath the seam is where all the padding is, but when it's actually on your child , most of the padding is underneath.
These pants have been a god send since they arrived, my 2 year old loves them and the fit is perfect.
If you want waterproof protection for your padded training pants consider adding our Waterproof Pull On Pant. Its been a while since i potty trained (21 yr old and 15 yr old)and this site as been a great help.
The products i have ordered are great and i have told some of my friends with small children about it.

Very disappointed Potty training pants (Apr 24, 2016) Reviewer: Jacquelyn Cruse These work great he's still wet enough to know he had an accident but when paired with the rubber pants, like magic there's no mess, he doesn't like the rubber pants, lol, who would but I'm hoping that's just another incentive for him to get trained so he won't have to wear them anymore THANK YOU! Sure, disposables at night may be good for a while, but ditch the disposables during the day! While potty training you want the child to feel wetness, to feel uncomfortable if they wet themselves. The first few outings without the security of disposables is a bit of a challenge, but plan well, and it should be fine! This helps them to become self-aware and gives them the motivation needed to be successful.
Unless your son's pee pee in literally under his body and between his legs, there is not enough padding. Found out real quick I don't like wet pants and I do love stickers, so guess what else she got me.

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