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Pin ItThe are several choices rated as best cotton training pants for boys and girls by moms and dads. Also designed to be extra absorbent in all the right places, Kissa’s cloth trainers also have a waterproof exterior lining. These Under the Nile Organic Cotton Training Pants are made of a soft rib knit with two layers of terry liner. Sometimes it's hard to believe, but there comes a day when your baby is ready to give up using diapers. When choosing which is best for your little one, price, features, and how long you will use them are the primary deciding factors.
These usually come with a thick pad in the right position to soak up large accidents and even have a waterproof lining. These however are adjustable and can be snapped off like Pull-ups which for some are must-have features.

The small size is labeled to fit 22 to 30 pounds, but reviewers report they do fit children who are much smaller than 22 pounds, making them perfect for early potty trainers.
If your child hits a growth spurt before moving to regular underwear, you can just adjust the size of these. The smallest size will fit young one-year-old potty trainers, but are usually only sold online. However, if you want cheap, then there are also great options for cloth trainers that will save you money, are washable, and still very well made even if they don’t have the extra soak padding or waterproof lining. For those who are more accident prone in the early stages of toilet training, parents and caregivers will be thankful they can just unsnap the sides to get these off easily.
The size for 18-month says for weights 24 to 28 pounds, but I can tell you from personal experience that these will fit much less than 20 pounds.
The outside of the pants is made of soft, organic cotton knit, while the inside has two layers of absorbent organic cotton terry.

All of these cotton training pants are going to last several years, so they can be passed down to younger siblings or even sold when you are finished using them. And these can be used for years for the same child as they are stretchy and thin enough to wear under clothes as underwear long after your child is fully potty trained. They are washable, but sometimes you will find you just want to throw them in the trash with the mess after a bad accident.

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