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We know that caterpillars change into butterflies.  But this butterfly started out as an empty toilet paper roll.  Who knew?
Since we are using our turkeys as placecards, we cut out a small labels with names and attached it to the belly. You can expand on this idea to make a center piece, or placecards like we did, or even turn them into party favors for your guests.
Even if you don’t take Valentine’s Day seriously, kids would love being a part of the holiday and all its festivities. When gluing the angel, cut the bottom line of her wings and let them flap free- don’t put glue on the back of them! I did have a problem with page #1, 2, 7 where it gave me a warning that said the page wasn’t safe. My son’s grade 2 class did this at his school in Colombo, Sri Lanka (his teacher downloaded it for the class to make). I right clicked to copy, paste, and save in Paint program and will use Irfanview to print out the pages. Wanted you to know that we featured your nativity printables at our blog, Preschool Printables.
This is perfect for some Christmas break activity time with my kids while they are out of school.
We’ll use the Nativity craft at our kids club over the next few weeks as we unwrap the true meaning of Christmas.
Jaycee and I had a great time picking out the supplies to make this craft… sadly it took longer to shop for the items than it did to make them. Step # 3: Wrap pipe cleaner around your childs finger to create a vine (my daughter thought this part was cool, because it was shaped like her finger) Then insert the leaf and the vine into the hole on top.

And a close up of our collection – we decided to make 5 but you can make as many as you like. I would love to hear your comments and send pictures of your awesome new pumpkin decorations. I have been searching the internet for a week or so trying to figure out something new for us to make because my kids have been with me for years and I want them to make something new. Big S loves to set the table for dinners and she is looking forward to setting the table for our big Thanksgiving dinner. Just close the the bottom of the paper tube and place some treats or thank you notes for your guests to to take home. If you love play based learning and enjoy doing activities with your kids, Pinterest truly is the place to be: For parents, educators and care-givers. Our informative lifestyle portal deals with current issues around the house, with beauty and fashion trends, recipes, DIY projects, modern art, and more. I made a printable nativity set craft a few Christmases ago, and it’s been a very popular post.
If you’ve printed them on card stock, just roll them into cylinders and tape or staple. I am going to make this with a special needs student during Sunday School throughout December.
Been looking for a scene that my 2 Year old can do and she will just love colouring this in and playing with it. But lately I can not get things to print I would like to try the toilet paper roll nativity but when I click to down load it say server cannot be found and my internet explorer stops working. I had learned about these simple to make pumpkins from a friend of mine, and thought they would be perfect for kids!

My daughter was so happy with her little pumpkin, she had great fun, we made 5 of them in less than 15 minutes. The ever (in)famous paper roll never disappoints us with it’s infinite crafting possibilities. Here you will find everything - from practical living tips and decorating ideas on healthy eating and dieting, to delicious recipes that you can surprise your family and friends. We made a paper roll turkey craft.My 4 year old had an amazing time making this thanksgiving craft and we are planning on using them as our place cards at our big Thanksgiving dinner. For most of the figures, just glue the bottom even with the bottom of the toilet paper tube and let the heads hang off the top.
When Halloween is over you can still use the toilet paper and the fabric for other purposes.
Kids can surprise their classmates with sweet lollipop Valentine cards or cute butterfly candy bags. Kids can also help you decorate the house by making some paper garlands or pipe cleaner hearts hung in the window. If you feel it’s the right time you can also teach your daughter how to stitch by starting with a small heart on a paper card. And these handcrafted bookmarks would be the sweetest and practical idea for their sweethearts.

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