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She goes out to potty before she is put in her crate (usually about 1 am) and we get up between 6-630. I have read the old posts, as well as done other research, and am working with her as much as I can. Obviously, putting the crate next to my bed at night would probably solve the crying at night. I've never had a dog become fearful of the crate using this method and usually it only takes 1-2 sessions til you have a happy quiet dog in the crate consistently.
I have been visiting family for the past week with the puppy and was planning on leaving tomorrow to return to St.
Short answer to your question: Yes it would be tough on her AND can you depend on your family to be 1oo percent consistent with the training you have been doing so far?
Leaving a 3 month old dog for more than 3-4 hours without a potty break is an unreasonable expectation. I just want to add that I'm having the same problem with my 1-year-old beagle mix, who was recently adopted from the shelter.
I just want to point out that what your dogs have is NOT "Separation Anxiety" which is a medical condition and due to an imbalance of hormones. I think a lot of new dog owners jump to the "Separation Anxiety" conclusion (hey, myself included) without understanding what it is.

I want to add that I had to try something else, as the sweatshirt was only good for one night.
I finally asked my vet about melatonin and he said yes, we can try it, though it may not work.
It may be coincidence that he's settling down now, but the melatonin still seems to be working! During this maintenance period, the site has been upgraded to the newest versions to enhance the user experience. It doesn't sound like actual separation anxiety to me, she's just used to being in your room with you and I think if you can wait it out, she'll most likely get over it. I also think an hour of barking is a bit much, twenty minutes is okay but an hour DOES represent mild SA.
Our 10 week old puppy would not let us leave her alone for a second either in her crate or in a room without her whining, crying and howling none stop. We always keep the crate in an area for her to get to, leave the door open while were home, and she will even get in there and just chill. Please note we are still working on the site, so its appearance may change from time to time over the next few days. At 12 weeks she is not quite through her initial socialization period and any negatives at this point can have long lasting consequences.

Too be perfectly honest I would put her kennel back in the bedroom until she's a bit older OR I would try putting a ticking clock or something that smells like you in or over the crate at night.
I decided to try some advice off the forum and put a t-shirt that i'd been wearing in her crate.
We will also put some treat in there without her looking, and she will go in and discover them on her own. She still whines and barks occasionally, even when she has only been in there a very short amount of time (a minute). If she makes ANY sound go in very fast, growling angry and bang or jiggle the crate if you have to to make her hush. I just cant believe what a difference its made she is as happy as a puppy can be.I may have to buy a crate load of cheap t-shirts but its worth it for some peace!!
I don't make a big deal when she comes out of the kennel, so she doesn't think going in her crate is a big deal.
I understand the need for her to become independent and confident being alone at night and during the day so this is not a 'coddling' thing, just an understanding that this pup is a YOUNG pup and that it often takes time for them to become accustomed to being crated away from the bedroom.

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