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Colby Morita has raised guide and service dog puppies for Guide Dogs of America and Canine Support Teams. Maybe you already started crate training your puppy and have already hit those¬†frustrating first few days or maybe you are just prepping for that new puppy. If you live in Orange County, California then you may have noticed that we’ve had some hot, windy days over the past month. When I first crate trained Linus I never thought it would help him with anxiety, but it does and thank goodness for that. While driving around in the car with your puppy there are several safer options then letting your puppy hop around the front or backseat sticking his head out the window. If your puppy is loose in the car and you get in an accident this could be deadly for both you and your pup. If your puppy is loose in the car and sticking his head out the window he could fall out (believe me I’ve seen it happen).
If your puppy is loose in the car he could distract you and cause you to get in an accident.
As I said crating your puppy is not the only safe way to drive with your puppy, but it is a better option then allowing your puppy to be loose in the car while driving.

We adopted Stetson after he was dropped from the Guide Dog program and we wanted to continue training him in some aspect so we decided to enroll him in K9 Nosework training.
While both options were okay, crating your dog was preferable especially on warm days when you would not want to leave your dog in the car.
Lucky for us we crate trained Stetson and he had no problem sitting quietly in his crate waiting for his turn. We don’t participate in all of the different canine sports and activities, but I know there are others that probably require your dog to be crated while other dogs compete. While we haven’t gone on a ton of trips with our puppies in training we have been on a few.
While your dog may be perfectly trained a new, stressful situation like a hotel room may cause him to act out in some way. The first few days of crate training are probably some of the most difficult times for most puppy raisers. About ColbyColby Morita has raised guide and service dog puppies for Guide Dogs of America and Canine Support Teams. Our guide dog puppies have to follow some pretty strict rules since they will be working in the public.

So when we got our second pup a few months ago at 8 weeks ( a found stray) crate training was a no-brainer. Crate training your puppy is very important and is also beneficial as you have explained in your post.
I was petrified after talking to other pet parents I’ve found that this is a common behavior. But sometimes she acts like she had some of this being-a-dog stuff down pat and other times she acts like a regular you-talkin-to-me? When I travel and have him stay with friends I bring his kennel with him and it’s his personal spot and if he needs a break from their children he retreats to it. Additionally I will leave him with his trainer if I have a long day at work and will be away for a while and he will find his crate when he is done interacting and wants to be left alone.

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