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I found this crate called "Puppy apartment" that has great reviews on the website (of course it would) and seems like it would be a great idea. We have a very tiny kitchen- and so I was thinking of putting a puppy gate at the entrance and allowing him to have that area during the day. Would giving him the kitchen space be acceptable, or do you think it would be too much space? When gated to a room they had a couple safe toys, potty pads, small amount of water and a dog bed. When my pup turned 4 months old he started refusing to use the pee pads and would only go outside (on grass). Now that she's nearly 4 months old, she has this problem a lot less and is hitting the pad more and more. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably purchase stand-alone gating that you can get at PetSmart or similar stores and make a smaller pen in the kitchen rather than giving her the whole thing. For some reason- the puppy potty training is the one thing I am researching and researching and constantly feel like I am not getting. The best idea for potty training is to begin with a feeding schedule that is very, very regular. This gets their #2's on a schedule, but their #1s will be a bit more often until they are a touch older. Young puppies, you will find yourself taking them out every 20 minutes to see if they need to go though, and that's not abnormal.
If your kitchen is THAT small, i'd just use a baby gate instead of spending money on a crate.
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During this maintenance period, the site has been upgraded to the newest versions to enhance the user experience. I am considering purchasing it, as it seems like it would have its benefits than a smaller crate.

I wish I could weigh in here and give an option but I have never paper or pad trained my dogs (mine our trained to go outside only). I'd have the crate (which MAY be the puppy apartment with the bathroom) and some toys, water, etc.. However this was when we were confident that he would go on the newspapers in that area, and not in some random corner. So I stopped using the pads and brought him out every 5-6 hours instead, gradually upping it. I can tell you right now that the kitchen has been a bit too large for her, but we didn't have any other solution. Keep in mind that our kitchen is pretty big so when I say it was too big, I really mean it. That's what we do and aside from the occasional accident on the floor near the puppy pad (easily cleaned up from a kitchen floor), it's been perfect. What we do is feed Sam two to three scheduled meals now, and the evening meal is the largest.
I feel one of the major keys to potty training is consistent food and water intake that you can clock on a watch.
Like you said, if you teach him that it's ok to eliminate in there, he ma never be able to be crate trained. Please note we are still working on the site, so its appearance may change from time to time over the next few days.
It seems like a viable option especially if you have to leave the pup for a while as it will give the dog an option to go in the correct place while you are gone and not in their crate (or I guess bedroom in this case). My dog when he was a puppy had the run of the kitchen and the entry corridor, a pretty large area, and I had pee pads lined up along the corners. If you're eventually wanting him to go outside, only use the pee pads as a temporary solution while his bladder is still developing. If you're going to give him free roam in an area like the kitchen then I would NOT use the puppy apartment crate.

We know it was a bit big because she was "missing" the puppy-pad in the beginning and went on the floor near by (sometimes on the pad, sometimes on the floor) which clearly means the space she's living in is probably a touch too large.
We're being more diligent about taking her outside now that she's fully vaccinated though and will be weening her toward outside use as time goes on, but she will always have to use the puppy pads during the time we're gone to work, at least for another few months until she can control her bladder better.
So the crate just becomes identified by a "sleeping" area- and you don't really lock the dog in at night..
The super young puppies may not seem like it makes a difference, but once the pup grows just by a few weeks or a month or so, you DEFINITELY notice.
Just so you know, if you use the pads for too long, he might start to pee on anything that looks square and soft that's on the floor (rugs, especially). During the day while we're gone she has water available all the time but when we get home, we take up the water and give it back to her every hour on the hour.
One of my friend's dogs does this and so their house has NO rugs whatsoever, only a pee pad in one corner. She can drink as much as she likes but when she walks away, we take up the water and (and food if it was meal time). But remember that they won't have any major control over their bodily functions in a conscious sense until 6 to 8 months of age.
She will go within 5 to 30 minutes, and we've discovered our magic number is actually in around 5 minutes anyway which is perfect. After you're done with potty traning you can always give it back don't worry, you're gonna hear lots of different ideas on potty training. Thankfully, in two years he has only had to do this only a couple times (last time was just two weeks ago).

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