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New Filson's Pro Guide Strap Vest 2 is suited to the all day hunter- a large rear pouch allows for storage of a hydration bladder or extra gear! Crate can be set up or taken down very quickly and easily, it is easy for one person to set up or take down using the convenient butterfly latches. Sylmar Leg protection tubes can help keep your dog running and comfortable when the scrapes in the field start to slow him down.
Rivers West Upland Dog Vest - Visibility and Protection - Waterproof, wind-stopping warmth and protection for your bird hunting dog. 08•29•13If you’ve been reading for a while, you may have picked up on a little neurotic behavior (on my part this time, not the boys!). A darling dog-loving friend who is an incredible designer helped me put together a super cute, simple worksheet to track all of those dog training mini-sessions.
I have a bunch printed out that I 3-hole-punched to go in a binder, though I’m going to print some resized to fit in my planner (of course).

Bonus: If multiple people in your home train with the dog, you can each write entries as you see in the example above. This heavy-duty aluminum dog crate conveniently collapses to less than eight inches tall making it easy to bring on any of your hunting or camping trips! This is military grade construction which helps make this crate light as well as corrosion resistant. Q5 Centerfire Bird Vest - Serious hauling capacity, modular removable shell pouches, removable backpack with mesh game bag! I’m seriously so excited about this because it’s all those ideas coming together in a useful way! John and I both recorded training sessions on there, which helped us to know what the other person was doing and if they had any successes.
There’s another thought swirling around that this might be the first step in what could become a bigger dog training journal project (more on that later).

And I’ve found that success, especially with Lucas, is soooo gradual that it’s sort of like watching the grass grow! Crate comes in a military desert tan powder coated finish that helps reflect heat away from your dog to keep him cool. Meanwhile, there were conversations between bloggers about how much time we spend training our dogs. I think sometimes when you’re enmeshed in a process of some sort, it’s so easy to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel!!
My Feedly is full of dog blogs, of course, but it’s also full of organization blogs (like this one or this one).

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